Trump Rescued Jennifer Hudson After Family’s Murder, She Has SICK Payback

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Donald Trump’s act of kindness toward Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson is relatively unknown. In October of 2008, Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew were all victims of a heinous murder in Chicago. Trump silently stepped in, helping Hudson in a very real way, but now that he is facing the biggest day of his life, the inauguration, the famous black singer is repaying him in a way that will piss you off.

Jennifer Hudson with Donald Trump.

In 2008, Jennifer Hudson, the Dream Girls star and Grammy Award-winning 34-year-old singer, lost her mother, brother, and nephew after her sister’s estranged husband shot them in a brutal murder. Having to find somewhere to stay, Hudson ended up at Chicago’s Trump International Hotel.

The tabloids were all over the story, but Donald Trump kept the jackals at bay. Hudson was having a nervous breakdown, and Trump did what little he could. Reporters and photographers were not allowed to harass the Hudsons inside his hotel. Trump also picked up the tab, instructed the staff to treat them like VIP’s, and did the right thing all the way around.

In 2008, Access Hollywood reported, “In the wake of her family tragedy, Jennifer Hudson has received a helping hand from a very unlikely source – Donald Trump. Jennifer and some of her family members have been staying at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago – and Trump has been picking up the tab.”

Jennifer Hudson sings for The Obamas (left) at the inaugural ball; Jennifer Hudson (middle) with her Academy Award; Hudson (right) with her mother, sister, and nephew before tragedy struck and her mother and nephew (pictured), along with a brother, were murdered.

Bombarded by reporters, Trump told People Magazine, “They are safe,” he added, “She’s a great girl, and we’re protecting them well.” This was over eight years ago, and Trump was being a gentleman, helping out a victim of a devastating crime. In fact, reports from 2008 say Hudson hardly left Trump Hotel. It seems she found some solace within those walls.

Fast forward to 2017 and the man who showed her such kindness during the toughest trial of her life will now become the President of the United States — her president. After all of that personal history, one would think that she would be singing at his inauguration, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The conservative writers at 100% Fed Up had this question: “Can somebody please explain how a celebrity was put up in a fabulous 5-star hotel with her relatives completely free of charge by a man with a huge heart, who is about to become President of the United States, is not scheduled to sing at his inauguration?”

Hudson did, however, sing for the inauguration of a man who did absolutely nothing for her after her family was murdered, other than sharing the same skin color. Can someone explain how that is okay? The answer, of course, is that it is not okay. There is nothing okay with how these privileged celebrities are acting. They are all unpatriotic and have allegiance to nothing but their wallets.

The bottom line is, most of the famous singers or actors who have turned down performing at Trump’s inauguration aren’t making a political statement. Most of them only side with the far leftists because they believe it behooves their careers. Except for a few real diehard liberal loons like Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lena Dunham, most of these Hollywood types are faithful to nothing but the almighty dollar.

Hudson, as an African-American, knows that showing up on January 20th for Trump means death threats from Black Lives Matter and being labeled an “Uncle Tom.” This is what happened to fellow “Dream Girls” castmate Jennifer Holliday after she accepted the invitation to sing at the inauguration.

As an American who suffered through eight years of Barack Obama, I’m glad it’s confirmed that these moneygrubber celebrities are outed as lowlifes who are scared to take a stand for anything, even their own country. Those of us who opposed Obama always respected the office of the president; that’s what these ultra-rich actors don’t get.

The great news is, no one wants any of these overrated, overpaid, so-called important celebrities at Trump’s inauguration. They are a bunch of sore losers, and it’s We the People who showed them who really makes a difference in this country — it’s not anyone with an address in Hollywood, California.

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