Trump Jr Shares PHOTO, Viewers React As They See Where Daughter’s Sitting

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The Trump Family has been thrust into the spotlight ever since patriarch Donald Trump began his campaign for the presidency, and now that he is in the White House, their every move seems to garner national attention. On Friday, Donald Trump Jr. shared a photograph of his oldest daughter on social media.

Joking that he could “get behind” a Kai Trump ticket in 2060 if he is “still alive and kicking,” Trump Jr. shared a snapshot of his daughter sitting in her grandfather’s chair behind the desk where he has already signed a slew of executive orders in the Oval Office. Smiling widely at the camera with her brown hair tucked behind her ears, Kai is wearing a long sleeve black shirt and a patterned skirt in the photograph.

Kai Trump 2060??? Now this is a ticket I can get behind… if I'm still alive and kicking. 😂 She looks awfully…

Posted by Donald Trump Jr. on Friday, April 7, 2017

Kai was able to see her grandfather this week for the first time since he was inaugurated on January 20. His job as the President of the United States has seemingly put a bit of distance between him and some of his family who still lives in New York. “I basically have zero contact with [my dad] at this point,” Trump Jr. recently told the attendees at a Republican fundraising event. He has been running the family business alongside his brother Eric ever since his father handed them the company upon his election.

Still, when the president is able to find the time to bond with his children and grandchildren in between meetings with world leaders, it is always a memorable experience. Trump Jr.’s social media followers remarked at the significance of Kai sitting in the Oval Office. “Wow! Imagine being that young and sitting in that office?! What an honor!” wrote one Facebook user.

“This pic cracks me up,” commented another. “I am sure Grandpa was glad to see her today. I am sure she has been used to seeing him a lot. I know you and your family have made a lot of sacrifices. We pray for you all every day,” the person added, thanking the entire Trump family for the sacrifices they endure so that the president can make America great again.

Indeed, what an incredible experience for a young girl like Kai to have access to the president and Oval Office. She, along with her brothers, sister, and cousins, are definitely going places. If the success of their parents and grandparents is any indication, it looks like we’ve got another generation of solid leaders on our hands.

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