Trump Jr Pic Goes Viral For WRONG Reason After Liberals Spot What’s In it

Trump Jr. Pic Goes Viral For WRONG Reason After Liberals Spot What's In it
Donald Trump Jr. and his daughter Chloe (Source: Twitter)

Since President Donald J. Trump entered politics, his family has been pushed into the spotlight and have been forced to adjust to the sudden, intense criticism. Proving just how far some liberals will go to attempt to prove a point, an innocent photo that Donald Trump Jr. recently posted has gone viral for all the wrong reasons as soon as these selfish liberals spotted what was in it.

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa Kay Haydon are the proud parents of five gorgeous children. As most fathers do, Trump Jr. has expressed his difficulty to avoid spoiling his youngest, Chloe Sophia. In fact, after he posted an innocent photo of the young girl to social media, he was bombarded with liberal hate as soon as they spotted what was in it.

The innocent post depicts 2-year-old Chloe wearing a cute hat featuring Ernie from Sesame Street. Of course, the father was simply smitten with his daughter’s adorable ensemble.

Unfortunately, as soon as hateful liberals saw the post, all hell broke loose. In fact, they immediately began to bombard Trump Jr. with their hate and didn’t hesitate to use an innocent child to remind him that they don’t like him or his father. Respect and class have never been the left’s strong suit – and of course, they’ve proven that once again with their disgusting remarks.

They’re either forgetting or completely unaware of one major problem: Sesame Street has been airing new shows on HBO for two years. The fact that they still think it’s only on PBS proves how unintelligent and unaware these people truly are. Perhaps after yet another embarrassment, they will stop sticking their own foots in their mouths and will now learn to think before they speak and maybe check the facts before they unload on an innocent child.

It should be common courtesy to leave innocent children out of the political debate. They have nothing to do with the issues at hand. I think we can all agree, there’s no legitimate reason for the attacks by these hateful liberals to have occurred. It’s time for them to grow up and cease fire against innocent children.

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