WATCH: Trump Lands In Cincinnati, Crowd Goes Wild When They Find Out What He’s There To Do

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President Donald Trump spoke about health care at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati.

President Donald Trump landed in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday, where he spoke to the crowd from the tarmac at Lunken Airport. When they learned what he was there to do, they immediately began cheering wildly, and you will too.

According to WCPO, Trump began his visit with an attack on Obamacare, saying he and the GOP are poised to “do something great” with America’s health care system. “Obamacare is in a total death spiral. The problems will only get worse if Congress doesn’t act,” he said. “Republicans are working very hard to get a great health care plan.”

The president has much more planned for his Cincinnati trip, which will mark his first visit there as Commander-in-Chief.

The theme of President Trump’s trip to Cincinnati today was supposed to be his plan to shore up America’s infrastructure, but his list of talking points is getting crowded.

The president announced on Twitter this morning that he’ll also meet with “ObamaCare victims” and will discuss health care. Later, White House officials indicated he’d talk jobs and energy, too, and would surround himself with coal miners and steel workers in hard hats.

They said a barge loaded with West Virginia coal would be the backdrop as Trump speaks at Cincinnati’s Rivertowne Marina. [Source:]

Earlier in the week, the White House said that President Donald Trump would also talk about “inland waterways” during his trip. “We have 12,000 miles of inland waterways in the United States,” noted Gary Cohn, director of Trump’s National Economic Council.

“It’s a critical component of our nation’s transportation infrastructure,” he added. “It relies primarily on federal funding and includes levees, dams, locks, and ports. They’re all getting old right now and they’re not as efficient as they could be.”

At a White House briefing on Monday, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the president will “speak about his wide-ranging vision for rebuilding our country, with a special focus on repairing our 12,000-mile inland waterway system.”

Trump campaigned heavily on both the failing health care system and the country’s crumbling infrastructure, which he said was embarrassingly behind other countries, and vowed to bring the U.S. up to speed. By all accounts, he was well-received in Cincinnati, where throngs of supporters came out to cheer him.

President Donald Trump is simply an American trying to do what is best for the United States of America, whether it be repairing our waterways and roads or fixing our broken health care system. He’s not a politician, which is why people from Cincinnati to Alaska have gotten behind him. It is high time a president puts the interests of America first the way Trump has consistently done.

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