WATCH: As Trump Lands In MO, Secret Service Swarms Threat That Emerged From Woods

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A shocking video is going viral after President Donald Trump landed in Missouri. As it turns out, cameras recorded an unexpected threat that emerged from the woods, prompting Secret Service to spring into action – and it has some people saying that it was a “potential assassination attempt.”

WATCH: As Trump Lands In MO, Secret Service Swarms Shocking Threat That Emerged From Woods
Images from video taken in Missouri (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

The incident took place in Springfield, Missouri, as President Donald Trump was heading to a rally, where hundreds of Americans were waiting to see him. Unfortunately, it seems that something unexpected would take place along the way that has left some Americans a bit unsettled.

As it turns out, a few onlookers had readied themselves and their cameras for a quick glimpse of President Trump as he passed by. However, they would get a bit more than they bargained for as soon when the presidential motorcade came through as something emerged from the woods, according to The Gateway Pundit.

As can be seen in the footage captured by Clayte Hefner and posted to YouTube, a car came flying out of the woods, prompting immediate action on the part of Secret Service. For one, “The Beast” – Trump’s limo – swerved to the right at the sight of the oncoming car, allowing for other Secret Service vehicles to act as a barrier.

“Oh my gosh! Look at that car that just came out of the woods,” said one of the men watching as President Trump’s limo passed by. “That car right there just drove out of the woods!”

Fortunately, the speeding car crashed into the concrete drainage ditch at the side of the road, bringing the car to an abrupt halt. The driver can then be seen pulling his car over and getting out, looking distressed with her hands on her head. Of course, Secret Service wasn’t done there as additional agents then swarmed the car to figure out what had happened.

After the video was posted online, speculation of an attempted assassination or potential domestic terror attack began to circulate social media. Although people were quick to assume that the driver was trying to ram Trump, it seems that wasn’t exactly the case as police have since come forward to explain.

According to Mail Online, police in Springfield say that this was nothing more than a case of failed brakes. In all, the duo had lost control of their vehicle, driven down an embankment from a nearby Bass Pro warehouse, through the woods, and emerged at the road where the collision was seen.

Come to find out, the resounding crash at the end was a stroke of good luck as it stopped the car from traveling into oncoming traffic. Even better yet, it seems that no one was injured in the incident and America got a look firsthand at how well Secret Service protects our president.

Not only did these brave men and women take evasion measures after seeing an oncoming threat, others were quick to scoop up those responsible to find out what they were actually trying to do. There are some dangerous people out there these days, and with so many entitled brats openly calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump, it’s no wonder his supporters immediately thought the worst.