Trump Gets Last Laugh After IDIOT Maxine Waters Tells Him ‘Get Outta Here’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is the biggest moron in Congress by far, and she is at it again, making the most idiotic statements on live TV. This time, Maxine showed up at an airport protest and launched into a tirade, ordering President Donald Trump to “get outta here,” referring to the U.S. However, you’ll love how Trump gets the last laugh as Maxine shows her true IQ while talking about the Constitution. This will blow your mind.

President Donald Trump (left) is getting the last laugh on Maxine Waters, D-CA (right), who is trash talking his immigration policies and making ludicrous statements.

Maxine Waters is the Democratic congresswoman from California, representing South Central Los Angeles and a neighborhood known as Watts, one of the most blighted, poorest, crime-ridden areas in all of the United States.

Waters is known for talking crap and making no sense, and she has been on a hot streak lately over our new president. A few days before Trump’s inauguration, she was calling to impeach Trump for coining the term “Crooked Hillary.” Now, she is back, showing up at LAX International Airport in a publicity stunt that went all wrong.

Waters was stopped by TMZ, who asked her about Trump’s temporary immigration policy involving seven Muslim-majority countries known for sponsoring terrorism. That’s when Waters laid out her wacky thoughts that reveal she needs to take a civics lesson to learn how our government works.

“Let me tell you something: this is what democracy is all about. Your government, trying to take away your constitutional rights? Hit the streets, hit the streets, organize, protest, push ’em back, and you’ll win,” she declared.

Pointing at the protesters, Waters continued explaining her nutty reason why she objects to President Trump’s plans for the country and what she believes needs to be done:

“This is what’s going to create change. We can’t wait on Donald Trump to do it. This is a man who thinks he is gonna take this country in a different direction,” she said. “If he doesn’t like his own country, he’s making up lies about ’em, go live with Putin in the Kremlin in Russia, okay? Alright? Get outta here.

Waters’ statement is so schizophrenic, as she says Trump “thinks he is gonna take this country into a different direction.” Well, yes, that is why he got elected — Americans rejected Barack Obama’s direction. Then, she claims Trump doesn’t like America. That’s rich coming from an un-American hag like Waters. Trump’s inaugural address’s theme was “America First.”

Maxine Waters is obviously short a few brain cells as she tells Trump to “go live with Putin in the Kremlin” and tells our president “to get outta here.” What in the hell is this IQ challenged useless idiot Waters talking about?

Putin doesn’t live in the Kremlin, but don’t tell Maxine Waters that. Her factless trash taking is nothing short of pure comedy. Telling Trump to “get outta here” is another gem. Maybe Waters forgot he just crushed her Democratic Party in the last election, with majorities in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

However, the real kicker has got to be when Waters says that our Constitutional rights are being taken away. Waters is parroting the liberal pundits who say Trump’s immigration policy is unconstitutional, but that’s a complete falsehood.

The Conservative Review published a study called “Executive Authority to Exclude Aliens: In Brief,” which shows the number of times each president, since Reagan, has limited immigration to specific groups of people:

  • Ronald Reagan – 5 times
  • George H. W Bush – 1 time
  • Bill Clinton – 12 times
  • George W. Bush – 6 times
  • Barack Obama – 19 times
Poster of Maxine Waters found on walls in South Central Los Angeles, the 43rd District, which she represents.

Clearly, Congresswoman Waters is regurgitating what the other liberal loons are trying to pass off as arguments against Trump, but she has no clue as to why she says anything. Waters needs to stop worrying about Trump and go back to South Central, Los Angeles, where her own failures have caused her to be dubbed a “poverty pimp.”

Her district is a dirty ghetto that has only gotten worse since she took charge. It is now the number one capital of gangs and gang violence in the nation. Maxine Waters is the poster girl for what is wrong with Washington, D.C., and hopefully, the citizens who live in her district will kick her ass out of office. That’s exactly what she deserves.

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