Trump Gets Last Laugh As Alec Baldwin’s EPIC Fail To Insult Him Goes Viral

Leave it to Alec Baldwin to screw up an insult, aimed at Donald Trump, so badly that it’s being laughed at as an epic failure. Baldwin previously took swipes at Trump during his Saturday Night Live impersonation, but this time, Baldwin took his own time to send Trump a message — but it went all wrong. Now, Trump is getting the last laugh, and you’ll love how Baldwin is left looking like the biggest idiot ever.

Baldwin wanted to send Trump a message, so he decided to lampoon the signature red Trump ball caps that say “Make America Great Again.” Baldwin thought it would be hilarious to have Trump’s famous slogan translated into Russian and put on red ball caps before he took a selfie wearing one.

Donald Trump (left) wearing his famous “Make America Great Again”#MAGA ball cap; Alec Baldwin (right) wears a red ball cap, trying to insult Trump with Russian words, except there is one huge problem.

Unfortunately for Baldwin, there was one huge problem, and Fox News’ Democratic contributor Julie Roginsky pointed it out. Before she became a Democratic strategist and a regular on Fox’s Outnumbered, Roginsky spent several years of her childhood living in Moscow.

Roginsky tweeted: “Sigh, Alec Baldwin… that hat is both grammatically incorrect and is more about making America groovy again.”

Mediate reported, “While various outlets picked up on how Baldwin’s hat has all the standard qualities of Trump’s hats, Roginsky pointed out that the translation wasn’t quite correct. Mediaite reached out to Roginsky for her translation, and we have received a response: The grammatical declensions of the words are all wrong and the word for ‘great’ is better translated as ‘awesome’ or ‘groovy.”‘

Donald Trump (left) gets the last laugh on Alec Baldwin (right), who got it wrong when he tried to insult Trump.

Liberals have been trying to push propaganda that Trump is somehow in cahoots with Russia’s President Putin and have blamed Russia for Hillary losing the election. Baldwin, an idiot who believes everything the far leftist loons publish, obviously thought his Russian red “Trump” hat was a brilliant idea. However, it was just another epic fail from a Hollywood nutjob.

Even better, when Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky called him out, who is a liberal herself, it made him look even more idiotic. When are Baldwin and his cohorts going to learn it never goes well when they try to take on Trump? Time and time again, they miss the mark and come out with Americans laughing at them, not with them. Unfortunately, Baldwin remains in America, although he vowed to leave America if Trump got elected. Maybe he should consider relocating to Russia, where he can learn to perfect his insults.

[h/t Independent Journal Review]

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