Trump Hands Lester Holt Mysterious Paper, NBC Shocked To See What It Says

President Donald Trump hands NBC News anchor Lester Holt a sheet of paper before their Thursday interview.

Prior to his Thursday interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, President Donald Trump handed the anchor a mysterious paper. Eagle-eyed viewers took notice and wanted to know just what the memo contained. Now, we know exactly what it said, and it couldn’t be more awesome.

Not surprisingly, those on the left immediately thought the worst, insinuating that Trump had handed Holt a list of prepared questions to ask — or not to ask — and demanded to know the contents of the paper.

Much to the dismay of liberals who hoped to find out that Trump had done something shady ahead of the interview, Holt brought the paper into the studio during Friday’s Today show to reveal that it was actually five pages of quotes from Democrats who have been critical of Comey.

“A few calling for his resignation, calling for his firing, being critical,” said Holt. “There were about 20 quotes on here, but the president wanted me to have that. And, it makes a fair point that a lot of Democrats were not happy with Comey either, many believing that he torpedoed Hillary Clinton’s chances.”

Indeed, the Democrats have truly shown their hypocrisy when it comes to the termination of now-former FBI Director James Comey, who Trump fired on Tuesday. While it came as a surprise to many because there was no warning and Trump is only the second president ever to fire a sitting FBI Director before the end of their term, the backlash which ensued was a bit ridiculous.

In fact, it’s worth noting, that it was President Bill Clinton who fired FBI Director William Sessions on 19 July 1993, and it warrants further mentioning that Sessions’ termination came just one day before Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, a longtime associate of the Clintons, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. But, I digress.

For months, Democrats from all corners of the country had been calling on Trump to fire Comey, whom Hillary Clinton had personally blamed for her staggering loss back in November. However, once Trump fired him, the same Democrats were up in arms all of a sudden, proving that their only motive is to disagree with the president at all costs.

Holt said he got the sense that the White House did not see the blowback to the Comey dismissal coming for that reason.

Mirroring Trump, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders reeled off a list of Democrats who previously blasted Comey during Thursday’s press briefing. [Source: Washington Free Beacon]

Donald Trump isn’t just the President of the United States, he’s also the leading expert at trolling the media and the hypocrites on the left. The five pages of quotes from Democrats who previously wanted Comey to be fired, which Trump brought with him to his interview with Lester Holt, was so brilliant that even the left-leaning anchor was forced to admit the president had a “fair point.”

Eventually, those on the left will need to get behind this president for the sake of their own careers. All they’re accomplishing with this nonsense is to make it much easier for the Republicans to gain even more seats in the next election.

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