Trump Gets Last Laugh After Idiot Maxine Waters Tries To ‘Impeach’ Him

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is known for making really idiotic statements, but what she just did takes the cake. Waters decided to go after Donald Trump and try to “impeach” him before he is sworn in. She blew up on live TV, showing just how incredibly stupid she truly is, but you’ll love how Trump is getting the biggest last laugh while Waters looks like a fool.

Donald Trump (left) is laughing at Rep. Maxine Waters (right) after she stated she wanted to impeach Trump over the most asinine reason.

Maxine Waters has got to be the most ignorant member of the House of Representatives, and boy did she prove it on live TV with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews when he questioned her about Trump being called “illegitimate” by the Democrats.

Matthews asked, “If there’s some sort of — as you call it — collusion, then what? Does that make Trump subject to impeachment? Just generally, tell me what you mean by the term.” Waters then gave the following answer, and you’re going to be shaking your head, hard.

“Well here’s what I’m trying to get to,” Waters began. “If we discover that Donald Trump or his advocates played a role in helping provide strategy — if they’re the ones who came up withCrooked Hillary,’ if they’re the ones who came up with, ‘she’s ill, something’s wrong with her energy,’ and the way that he basically described her during the campaign — I think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impeached.

You’re not reading that wrong, Maxine Waters just said Trump should be impeached for out smarting and out campaigning Hillary. Waters thinks he should be impeached for coming up with the name “Crooked Hillary.” 

Not only is Trump getting the last laugh, anyone who watches this is getting a huge laugh listening to this crazy crap coming out of Waters.

There really are no words for everything that is wrong with Maxine Waters. Trump can’t be impeached before he is sworn in, and he can’t be impeached for being a smart savvy campaigner, who effectively branded Hillary as “crooked.” Maybe Maxine needs to go over the First Amendment and free speech in this country.

If this is all the Democrats got, and it’s looking that way, they might want to shut up about their ridiculous talking points on Trump not being elected fairly or without collusion. They have made Russia out to be the bogeyman, and it’s such a pile of crap with zero evidence. It’s a distraction, and when pressed, every liberal loon admits there was no hacking of our election machines or votes in favor of Trump.

Maxine Waters gets paid $175,000 dollars a year plus perks as a congresswoman; that’s our tax dollars at work. All we get in return is this babbling fool who couldn’t pass a high school exit exam, and they wonder why we elected Donald Trump. Thank God our new president-elect will take office very soon; I don’t think patriotic Americans can take much more of these whining Democratic fools.

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