Trump Says ADIOS Losers, Former Mexico Pres Vicente Fox Trash Talks America

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Donald Trump (left) is ready to say, “Adios, Mexico,” if the government doesn’t start playing fair with America. Vicente Fox (right) is delusional about Mexico’s economy.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is delusional if he thinks he will win a war against President Donald Trump. Fox, a known hothead who can’t stop running his mouth, just screwed his country by challenging Trump and all American auto workers. Now, Trump has some bad news for Fox, and part of that message is America comes first. Fox will regret his remarks as Trump says, “Adios, Mexico.”

Vicente Fox has been trolling Donald Trump over the last year. As the former president of Mexico, Fox has no real political clout, and it’s obvious he is not only jealous of Trump but he also suffers from this delusion that America needs Mexico.

His remarks are going to come back to haunt him as Trump is ready to deal with Mexico and the Southern border wall. The other big part of the US-Mexican relationship is trade, and Fox is misinformed if he thinks the US needs Mexico. In fact, it’s the other way around.

Fox got on his high horse as he appeared on CNBC, and he was out of his mind, using foul language and talking trash about America. Fox’s delusion is that Mexico won’t pay for the wall, and that is downright hilarious when you discover how much money gets sent via Western Union every year into Mexico from illegals living in the US.

“Somehow Vincente thinks he has a choice when it comes to paying for the wall or not, considering the fact that billions of dollars are wired in from Mexican citizens living in America illegally on an annual basis and the fact that they enjoy a $60b surplus with us. Nevertheless, it makes for good media.” [via Zero Hedge]

Think about that, $60 billion dollars goes into the Mexican economy, thanks to a trade deficit with us. Then, billions of US dollars are also sent to Mexico from illegals here. If Trump just threatens to send all of the illegals back in one huge swoop without any warning, Mexico’s economy would take a huge hit, enough to throw their economy into a major depression like they have never seen.

Fox then goes on to insult American auto workers as he spews some fantasy that Mexico builds quality cars. This guy has to really be getting on Trump’s last nerve. Fox said, “You produce cars in the United States at such a high price and such a mediocre, mediocre quality that you cannot compete, you cannot compete manufacturing in the United States.”

Vincente Fox is just pissed off because Donald Trump got Ford to stay in the US and not move to Mexico. What Fox is forgetting is that without the US, Mexico will cease to exist and would fall further into a third world status.

Donald Trump has the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to use as ammunition against Mexico. Trump has vowed to get rid of NAFTA, and what takes its place is another bargaining chip for Trump to use to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Vicente Fox is either delusional or an idiot, but whatever the case, Mexicans should be glad he is the former president because I highly doubt Trump would be so patient with Mexico if Fox was really in charge.

It’s time for the Mexican government to get real and face the facts. America is the world’s superpower and our new president isn’t playing any games. If they don’t wake up soon, they will be hearing the words, “Adios, Mexico,” and, “Let us know when you are ready to pay for that wall.”

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