Trump Makes MSNBC’s O’Donnell Apologize For Fake News, Americans Crush Him

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President Donald Trump proved the mainstream media is reporting “fake news” after he humiliated MSNBC and their primetime anchor Lawerence O’Donnell. Trump forced O’Donnell to make a public apology for his Tuesday night report, which was completely unverified and fraudulent. That’s when Americans piled on O’Donnell and crushed him for all his lies. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell issued an apology Wednesday after President Donald Trump, through his attorneys, demanded the retraction of an unsourced claim that Trump had “Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin” as co-signers on loans.

It was the final straw for the president.

Trump unleashed holy hellfire legally on NBC, who owns MSNBC. NBC is supposed to be this legendary news corporation, yet, O’Donnell, one of their star anchors who boasts about his journalism skills and his Harvard education, knowingly aired a fraudulent report about the leader of the free world.

“Last night I made an error in judgment by reporting an item about the president’s finances that didn’t go through our rigorous verification and standards process,” O’Donnell tweeted Wednesday. “I shouldn’t have reported it and I was wrong to discuss it on the air. I will address the issue on my show tonight.”

On Tuesday, O’Donnell cited a “single source close to Deutsche Bank” who claimed that “Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin” co-signed on Trump’s loans.

“This single source close to Deutsche Bank has told me that Donald Trump’s loan documents there show that he has co-signers. That’s how he was able to obtain those loans. And that the co-signers are Russian oligarchs,” O’Donnell said.

“If true, that would be a significant factor in Vladimir Putin’s publicly stated preference for presidential candidate Donald Trump over presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,” he continued.

“The source close to Deutsche Bank says that the co-signers of Donald Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans are Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin,” he added:

Trump, through his attorneys, demanded a retraction, calling O’Donnell’s claims “false and defamatory.”

“These statements are false and defamatory, and extremely damaging,” the president’s lawyer, Charles Harder of Harder LLP law firm, wrote. “The only borrowers under these loans are Trump entities, and Mr. Trump is the only guarantor.”

Last night, Eric Trump stated the Trump Organization will be taking further legal action against O’Donnell.

This was a reckless attempt to slander our family and smear a great company. Apologies are not enough when the true intent was solely to damage and cause harm. As a company, we will be taking legal action. This unethical behavior has to stop. @Lawrence @MSNBC,” tweeted Eric Trump. 

Americans crushed the Trump-hating MSNBC anchor making it clear his career is a joke.

“BREAKING: #MSNBC reports a Hoax! Again. Stating as fact and reporting multiple Russian Oligarchs co-signed Trump loans, Lawerence O’Donnell said we just repeated another lie. No worries Lawerence! No one was watching anyway,” tweeted “TriTrader.”

“Lawerence O’Donnell made slanderous claims about the president based on a source who had not even seen the bank records! Why is this man on TV w/his own show masquerading as a journalist? MSNBC- the 24/7 destroy Trump media!” tweeted The Conservative Read.

“So not only was Lawrence O’Donnell’s massive Trump-Russia scoop last night not vetted by NBC News, his source never actually saw the documents he described,” tweeted Alex Griswold.

“Typical Lawerence O’Donnell & NBC; reporting with unnamed sources. I hope Trump sues and NBC loses it’s broadcast licenses,” tweeted KYTBYRD.

Lawerence O’Donnell is an arrogant Ivy League leftist who lost his mind when Trump won in 2016. This caused O’Donnell to transform 100 percent into hack who cared nothing about verifying sources or investigating all leads even if they didn’t square with his liberal politics.

O’Donnell could have taken the high road and been one of the lone liberal reporters who broke the biggest political scandal in United States history — the Russian collusion hoax. Instead, he sold his soul to the devil and has been propagating lies and falsehoods about President Trump on MSNBC.

O’Donnell is second only to his good buddy and fellow MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow in spreading Trump conspiracy theories. Between the two of them, they have crushed whatever trust was left in mainstream sources. Sure, they got help by CNN in this disgraceful endeavor.

When history is written about this era in American politics, Larry O’Donnell will go down as an enemy of the people. Thankfully, he is being sued for using his platform to smear the President of the United States solely to advance his personal leftist agenda.

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