Trump Drops BOMBSHELL About Muslim Refugees Headed Here, Obama PISSED

There is quite a bit of uneasiness spreading about the nation as President Barack Obama has stated his intentions to bring in thousands of Muslim refugees fleeing the Middle East on account of their own religion. However, 2016 presidential hopeful Donald Trump just dropped a bombshell yesterday about those headed this way that has Obama pissed off – literally.

Liberals would love for you to believe that the refugees flooding out of the area are simple families that have been forced to leave the area on account of an unfortunate war. Too bad for them, the story just doesn’t add up.

As we’ve discussed in several past articles, most of those leaving the area are military aged males who have left their elderly, women, and children behind. With Top Right News reporting that about 83% of these refugees being male, it kind of blows the whole “poor families” narrative to shreds.


Further reports indicate that 4,000 covert ISIS militants have already made their way into western nations under the cover of flooding refugees as well. If this doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, well, then you’re Obama’s favorite kind of American – blissfully and willingly blind.

In fact, our so-called Commander-in-Chief is banking on that population of Americans to push through some more horrendous efforts that could actually put America in peril. With Obama already boasting numbers of 10,000 and others saying they would like to see upwards of 100,000 refugees allowed into the United States, it’s a shame the aforementioned facts are being ignored by the masses.

Unfortunately for Obama, not everyone is sleeping as Donald Trump just dropped a bombshell about those our president intends to simply allow to stroll on in. “I’m putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria, as part of this mass migration, that if I win, if I win, they’re going back,” he said.

Of course, as indicated in the past, Obama doesn’t quite like having reality thrown in his face when he’s trying to gain political popularity among his people. That being said, you can probably imagine how he’s feeling right about now as Trump is barreling toward the White House.

According to Reuters, divulged in a tweet by Liberal News, the “White House [is] ‘disturbed’ by Donald Trump’s ‘inappropriate, xenophobic’ comments about ‘deporting’ Syrian refugees.”

Oh, boo-hoo, someone get this guy a tissue.

You know, it’s a shame that someone even has to say this crap and it’s even more nauseating to see an American get “disgusted” by it. We live in dangerous times with a distinct set of people willing to do this nation harm at the drop of a hat – to be ignorant of this reality isn’t only ignorant, it’s dangerous to our survival.

In a day and age when our leader is more worried about being liked than the safety of the people he’s responsible for, it really makes me hang my head in shame. Kind of makes you wonder what he really wants, doesn’t it? Maybe he just doesn’t care, who knows?

Is it 2016 yet? I can’t want to have a president that actually cares about and loves this country once again.

(h/t: Top Right News)

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