Trump SCREWS Democrats, Names The Obama SPIES Still Working In Government

President Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama (right)

President Donald Trump is fighting the lies and leaks coming from the mainstream media and the Democrats who are employing communistic propaganda techniques to undermine his authority and block him from keeping his promises to the American people. Now, Trump is naming names, exposing the traitors and Barack Obama’s spies, and he wants you to know who they are. This is going to piss you off.

President Trump takes his message straight to the American people, unfiltered through Twitter, so we will know exactly what’s really going on. After days of crazy allegations coming from the mainstream media and Democrats, along with damning leaks against Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump is outing those spies and traitors whose end game is to impeach him.

This all started when Hillary Clinton lost and the liberal machine went into overdrive, deciding to blame the Russians. While Obama was still in office, he wrongly sanctioned the Russians, saying they had “hacked” our election. That was a lie with both the FBI and CIA concluding Russia did not hack or influence our election.

However, the Democrats and Obama’s spies, still working certain positions within the intelligence community, had a treasonous plan. They tapped Gen. Flynn’s phone while Flynn was still a private citizen, not yet sworn in as Trump’s National Security Adviser.

This is a crime. Obama’s spies, holdovers who have not yet been replaced, tapped a private citizen’s phone and found Flynn had called the Russian Ambassador. Incoming administrations call foreign countries all the time; it’s part of doing their new job, and it’s not a crime.

Lifezette reported on the Flynn resignation, saying, “Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has seized the story with gleeful viciousness, holding it up as incontrovertible proof of the Trump administration’s historic incompetence and nefarious connections to Russia.” The report continues, “When Trump took office, press secretary Sean Spicer said at least 50 Obama appointees would stay on in key, senior positions as the new administration looked for replacements.

Vice President Mike Pence was not in the loop about the Flynn phone calls, and he made statements on TV to that effect. It was a pure set-up by Obama’s spies to get Flynn fired and make Donald Trump look like an idiot. Flynn had to resign because of this bullcrap. The liberal media is reporting this bogus Russia connection to Trump, and they want you to buy into it.

Democrats blame Hillary Clinton’s loss on Russia. General Micheal Flynn was illegally tapped by Obama’s spies while calling the Russian Ambassador in December.

Now, Trump is letting us know who the traitors are, and we can rest assured, these losers won’t get the best of him. Trump names “intelligence” coming from the NSA and FBI; these would be the holdovers appointed by Obama who are still working and have not yet been replaced. He also names certain mainstream media sources in cahoots with these traitors, making the leaks public. Here are President Trump’s tweets from this morning:

  • “The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by ‘intelligence’ like candy. Very un-American!”
  • “The fake news media is going crazy with their conspiracy theories and blind [email protected] @CNN are unwatchable. @Fox & Friends is great”
  • “This Russian connection nonsense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.”
  • “Information is being illegally given to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?).Just like Russia
  • “Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?”

Trump also praised Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake for discussing his latest column on Fox News, pointing out that the damaging intelligence leaks were the kind of behavior seen in “banana republics.” Lake is spot on. The intelligence community’s job is to protect our secrets, not leak them to the press. It’s an all-out attempt to set Trump up to fail with their sick minds hoping to impeach him at some point, and it’s mind-boggling.

Trump has zeroed in on the NSA and FBI as the source of the leaks. Individuals within those agencies who are Obama’s appointees will be found and eliminated by Trump. He also names Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, and New York Times as working together with the NSA and FBI “leakers” to sabotage him.

Trump has been in tough spots before, and the one thing that will make a difference is the American people. We must defend our president. The wolves are gathering. They have taken out Flynn. Now, they will try to wound Trump again with this Russian hogwash, but we can’t let them. Spread the truth; tell as many patriots as you can what’s really going on. Together we can help our president stop these scumbag traitors from doing any more damage to our great nation.

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