Trump Hides New Decoration In Christmas Display, Liberals FREAK When They Finally Spot It

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The left takes any opportunity to bash President Donald Trump, and they’re proving just that. Although you’d think there wouldn’t be anything to complain about when it comes to the holiday season, liberals have found a way – and it seems that they’re freaking out over the new decoration Trump hid in his Christmas display.

Trump Hides New Decoration In Christmas Display, Liberals FREAK When They Finally Find It
President Donald Trump (left), the White House (right) (Photo Credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images, Screenshot/Twitter)

Mad World News previously reported about liberals attacking President Trump. For those unaware, the left is actually using his wife to try to delegitimize his presidency by attacking First Lady Melania Trump’s Christmas display.

In short, they simply state that it’s “too white” and hint to the fact that the First Family are white supremacists and all the typical nonsense we’ve come to expect from the rabid left. Too bad for them, Melania merely picked white as a color scheme because it goes well with Christmas since many people love the sight of snow this time of year.

Unfortunately, it looks like the hate-filled liberals are not done as they’ve since found something else to complain about. As it turns out, Trump may have put up a new decoration in the White House – and it has liberals freaking out from the moment they found it, as Business Insider reports.

First spotted by CNN’s Kate Bennett, the woman posted a picture of mistletoe, saying it was a “new touch” to this year’s décor. Of course, just like that, rabid liberals were off to the races, lunging at the opportunity to attack:

Bringing up the sexual assault accusations against Trump that surfaced during the election, well, you can pretty much guess what the comments looked like. Too bad for them, they looked just as ridiculous as the women coming forward to make their claims at an extremely opportune time.

For those who don’t remember, a slew of women came forward decades after Trump supposedly sexually assaulted them. Of course, nothing ever came of the finger pointing as things like evidence were non-existent.

Although the left hoped that the claims would destroy Trump’s chances and cost him the election, they did no such thing as voters saw through the distraction. At the end of the day, a bunch of women with no proof came forward to smear a man during the most opportune time – and after a few were exposed as liars, it became abundantly clear what had really happened.

Still, to this day, the left clings to the claims made against Trump like they were absolutely true – but they weren’t. Back in the day, we used to honor and cherish the phrase “innocent until proven guilty,” but liberals are really showing their true colors these days.

With sexual predators like Al Franken and John Conyers still in office – and even being defended by fellow Democrats – they don’t seem to mind showing off the fact that they have no honor. Instead, they use baseless claims and no evidence in order to stick it to a man simply because they don’t agree with him or like his policy while ignoring photo evidence against those whom they support.

Fortunately, there are still smart, common-sense thinkers out there ready and willing to wade through the bullcrap. That’s why Trump was elected, and it’s why he’ll continue to do good things for the American people despite worthless claims for “impeachment.”

What’s more, before the left criticizes Trump, perhaps they should do a simple Google search. Then, they’d find gems like the one below:

Barack & Michelle Obama kiss under the mistletoe (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

But, the hypocrisy gets worse. When the Obamas hung mistletoe, the left loved it so much that the image was plastered on mugs, cards, and even pillows. No, I’m not joking.

Liberals loved Obama’s mistletoe so much they plastered the image on various household items and sold it online.

The left is out of control, and it’s only matter of time before their own tactics turn around to bite them big time. However, they may want to think about prioritizing their efforts. When you want to attack a time-old Christmas tradition and ignore the real, documented sexual assaults taking place within your party, it makes what you have to say not all that important.

Share this far and wide to expose the hypocrisy of the left. This is ridiculous, and it needs to end.