Trump Warns NFL Players ‘To Stand’ During Anthem, Pissed Off Fans Loudly Boo ‘New Protest’

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It’s been one long week for the National Football League’s owners who have seen a real decline in viewership since they supported “taking a knee” during our National Anthem. Outraged fans burned their team’s gear and season tickets with over 75% of Americans agreeing with President Donald Trump’s tweets, calling out their utter disrespect. The NFL  players thought they are so slick with a “new protest” this weekend, but it pissed off fans even more.

President Donald Trump (left), Cleveland Browns fans boo players kneeling (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Screengrab/YouTube)

The majority of Americans let the NFL players know that they view them as idiots for kneeling. People were passionate about the utter disrespect by these millionaires who play a game for a living, and now, it looked like the owners were going to protect their money and investment by forbidding kneeling during the anthem. So much for taking a knee.

When it comes to losing money, the owners thought they were slick by issuing statements that “no one would be kneeling during the national anthem.” This came after Trump gave them a brutal wake-up call, once again, a warning for this Sunday’s games. On Saturday, the president tweeted, “Very important that NFL players STAND tomorrow, and always, for the playing of our National Anthem. Respect our Flag and our Country!”

The first test came with this week’s game played in London between the New Orlean Saints and the Miami Dolphins, hours ahead of the regular games played in the states. Only three Miami Dolphins players took a knee. The rest were standing, most with their hands over the hearts, even singing. The New Orleans team did kneel before the anthem, and that was followed by the Ravens.

This is how they think they are going to get away with keeping their bogus protest alive; namely, by kneeling before the anthem. Well, nice try. I think the fat lady is singing; it’s all over. Listen to Ravens’ fans boo when the players kneel before anthem:

The message Americans are sending these losers is this: stop playing us and stop playing politics. We don’t care about NFL players’ political views. No one knows why they are kneeling anyway; even the nitwit players that are kneeling can’t tell you.

The boos were loud and clear as the Baltimore Ravens knelt this Sunday before the anthem, with fans who did go to the game wearing t-shirts that say, “I stand for the anthem.” These players think they are pretty smart, skirting the issue and kneeling before the National Anthem begins like two-year-olds as if they were saying, “no one can be mad at this.”

Wrong. Americans don’t want to see kneeling before, during, or after the anthem — zero kneeling. Why is that so hard to understand? Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones was on my last nerve on Monday night. As if he was making history, he actually motioned to the cameramen to make sure they got pictures of him kneeling.

Well, that smug look he was making while kneeling has now been wiped off his money-grubbing face. The Cowboys have announced that little stunt was “just a one-time thing” and they will be standing, no kneeling at all. Funny, Jones was so into it last week, so what changed? His bank account was about to change, that’s what, so he decided the kneeling would stop.

Cowboy player Dez Bryant made the announcement, “We’re going to stand,” adding, “We’re going to stand and put our hand over our heart and we’re going to do what we did before. Y’all know what that was [the whole team kneeling Monday night], that was just a response to [President Donald] Trump. That’s all that was.”

Bryant is at least telling the truth. Their big show at kneeling was a response to Trump telling the owners they should “fire the SOB’s” who were kneeling. Like little babies, they all decided they would show Trump and prove they were more powerful than the president. Except, that’s not what happened, is it?

Those idiots thought wrong, and Trump once again had it right. Our president knew Americans weren’t going to stand for disrespecting our flag. So now, the Cowboys had to back down. They aren’t going to kneel ever again. But, I’m afraid it’s too little too late.

The NFL is dead, and this “new protest” by the other teams, kneeling before the anthem, is a slap in the face to what little fans they had left. “Pride cometh before the fall,” and these NFL players’ pride will keep them on their knees, begging anyone to give them a job. I sure hope they have other skills than just throwing a ball; those days are coming to an end quickly.

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