Trump Gives Obama HUGE Middle Finger As He Prepares EPIC Win For Vets

Barack Obama (left), Military Veterans (stock image, center), President Donald Trump (right)

Despite only being in office a couple of months, President Donald Trump has consistently proven that he is a promise-keeper, something few presidents have done in the recent past. Now, as Trump prepares to deliver a huge win for military veterans, Barack Obama is furious, and for good reason.

According to Breitbart, Trump is preparing to approve the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act as it makes its way through Congress this week. This is epic news for American military veterans and 2nd Amendment supporters who became the target of the many anti-gun policies of Obama’s corrupt administration. It is truly enjoyable to watch Trump deconstruct Obama’s liberal legacy, one bad policy at a time.

Pro-gun protesters (Photo: CNS News)

The new bill would lift Obama’s anti-veteran gun ban which gave power to the Veteran’s Administration to investigate veterans receiving disability benefits for the purpose of stripping them of their 2nd Amendment rights.

Much like the Social Security gun ban, which Trump already demolished, the targeted veteran’s information could be turned over to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) after he or she was declared “incompetent.” The “incompetent” veteran would then be prohibited from purchasing or owning a firearm.

Obama designed both of those corrupt policies using the broad language of mental health in order to strip America’s beloved veterans from exercising their constitutional rights. This epic move by Trump is truly another much-anticipated rollback of Obama’s extensive efforts to dishonor those who served our country in uniform.

Shockingly, retired Army General David Petraeus and his gun control group have come out aggressively against the new bill that would restore the 2nd Amendment rights of veterans targeted by Obama’s administration. “When vulnerable veterans have access to firearms, they can do harm not only to themselves but also to family members and loved ones. The impact of these tragedies is felt in communities across our nation, ” Petraeus said in a letter to House Republican leaders.

Petraeus should probably take more time to work on his own issues and lack of moral compass before he tries a rough re-entry into the political mainstream. Petraeus was forced to resign as the CIA chief in 2012 after disclosing classified information to a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair. I don’t think Petraeus is qualified any longer for public service for his lack of ability to keep our nation’s sensitive information under wraps.

Obama targeted law-abiding American gun owners with extreme prejudice throughout his corrupt presidency, but now that Trump is at the wheel, we are seeing his promises kept and our veterans honored again, as they should be. If you agree that those who served in uniform should not have their 2nd Amendment rights violated any longer, please share this with others and show your support for a president keeping his promises.

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