Trump Digs SICK Skeleton Out Of Obama’s Closet, Heads Are Going To Roll

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Barack Obama (left), President Donald Trump (right)

President Donald Trump promised us that he would drain the swamp when he took office, and a breaking story coming out of Washington, D.C. is rocking the nation as one of Barack Obama’s secret skeletons gets a public viewing, which will have some people out of a job and others in jail.

Child pornography and other adult-related materials have been found on the work computers of hundreds of federal employees who worked under Obama’s administration. Many of the offenders worked in the Department of Justice under Obama’s Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. This bombshell is going to leave a pretty big hole in Obama’s diminishing legacy as some feds have already gone to jail and others are on their way out of a job.

“Fraud, waste, and abuse” are the words used by an inspector general who works under the Trump administration as he just released a damning report which focuses on the 100 worst offenders caught in the investigation. This shocking information is a result of 12 government agencies who were forced to tell their dirty secrets when presented with a court order generated by the Freedom of Information Act.

No one likes to have their dirty laundry on public display, but it is time for America to know the level of fraud, waste, and abuse reached under Obama’s corrupt administration.

In just the past two years, 20 cases of on the job porn have come from the Justice Department and several more from the Environmental Protection Agency. Washington Free Beacon reports that that one extremely bad case is that of an EPA employee in the Office of Air and Radiation who was caught watching porn between two and six hours every day while collecting an annual salary of $120,000. The shocker is that this man was also caught masturbating at work.

Obama’s EPA leadership allowed this man to continue receiving his six-figure salary for two years after being banned from the building in which he worked. When interviewed, the employee said that “‘a lot’ of his time each workday is spent ‘organizing’ the pornography he downloaded into saved folders,” according to the records obtained by NBC News 4.

Under the Obama administration, these sick federal employees had little to fear as many of them were given a slap on the wrist or no discipline at all. The damning fact in this story is that Obama appointed most of, if not all, of the people who ran these agencies and allowed these disgusting acts to go on unpunished.

In one of the worst cases, an FBI employee from Virginia, who had been caught conducting explicit email exchanges with a ninth-grader, also admitted to “receiving, viewing, and saving approximately 50 images of suspected child pornography.” Samuel Kaplan was convicted and sentenced to almost 4 years in prison after authorities discovered he was committing these disgusting acts from his office desk.

It is important to note that the majority of federal employees are hard-working people who do a great service for our country every day. It is also important, however, to catch these bad apples who were allowed to get away with such sickening behavior under the Obama administration.

More heads are going to roll as new reports are coming out of government waste, fraud, and abuse. I think most people can agree with me that Trump is keeping his promises. I for one am particularly glad he’s draining the swamp of all these corrupt federal employees.

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