Trump HUMILIATES Obama By Ending Selfish Past Tradition He Left In D.C.

Trump HUMILIATES Obama By Imploding Sick Past Tradition He Left In D.C.
Donald Trump (left) just put Barack Obama (right) to shame over the selfish tradition he left behind at the White House (center).

Barack Obama created a big mess in Washington, D.C., but it won’t be there for long. President Donald Trump is undoing everything that took place over the past 8 years, and he just humiliated the former president by ending the past tradition that his predecessor left in the White House.

When it comes down to it, Obama was the epitome of laziness. He went from a do-nothing Senator to a do-nothing POTUS. Sadly, despite this reality, the ignorant sheep of the left voted to elect the virtually worthless president for another 4 years.

Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to foresee the effects that a leader like that would have on the country – but here we are today. With a mess in D.C. and across the country, We the People stood up for ourselves and elected a man who could actually get things done.

However, it seems that Trump is going above and beyond when it comes to righting the wrongs of the past 8 years and has taken to personally humiliating Obama on every level. Most recently, reports indicate that President Trump is blowing off his predecessor’s past tradition that he left behind in the Oval Office. In short, Trump will not be filling out the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament bracket.

Trump HUMILIATES Obama By Imploding Sick Past Tradition He Left In D.C.
Barack Obama filling out March Madness bracket

As we all know, Obama didn’t show that he had many priorities as president outside of trying to cram his legacy down the throats of Americans. Outside of that, nothing was done in the interest of the American people, but there was always one thing you could count on – Obama not sacrificing his personal interests.

Despite terrorist attacks, economic crisis, people all across America dying, and no one being able to get a job, Obama always had time for himself. As one would imagine, the sick and disturbing reality of watching him fill out his leisurely predictions while Americans continued to suffer was not amusing to many who wanted a true leader.

Obama has never felt bad about taking time for himself while the country is in turmoil and Americans are hurting. That’s why we saw more pictures of him golfing than in the White House and why he always made sure to fill out his stupid bracket.

Fortunately, we now have a president in the Oval Office who cares more about his countrymen than himself and all the “fun stuff” he could be doing. Then again, that’s what you get when you hire a successful businessman who doesn’t need to use the Federal Reserve as his personal checking account – unlike the previous freeloader who sat in his seat. It’s honestly refreshing to once again have a Commander-in-Chief that loves this country. Great things are coming. Liberals better buckle up.

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