Trump Gets Last Laugh After Obama & Springsteen Plot Sick Scheme On Yacht

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President Donald Trump (left), Bruce Springsteen & Barack Obama (right)

Barack and Michelle Obama were vacationing last week on a $300 million dollar yacht with their celebrity fans onboard. The trip was shrouded in secrecy with Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks all in attendance, fawning over the former president and his wife. Now, the sick scheme Obama and Springsteen plotted to thwart President Donald Trump has been uncovered, but Trump’s getting the last laugh. You’re going to love this.

Barack Obama was up to no good while vacationing last week. While sailing onboard billionaire David Geffen’s luxury yacht with his celebrity pals, Obama had one thing in mind when it came to Bruce Springsteen — get the “boss” to write an anti-Trump song.

“Bruce Springsteen was in Tahiti hanging out on a billionaire’s superyacht with the likes of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks. So this week, it comes as no surprise that the once-pretty good rocker has released an anti-Trump song — with some of the lamest lyrics you’ll hear in a while,” reports Daily Wire.

Well, leave it to Obama to think he can stop Trump with a lame rock song sung by one of his biggest sycophants, Bruce Springsteen. What’s even worse is all the faded rocker could come up with is a chorus that he got from Trump. “It’s up to me and you. Love can conquer hate. I know this to be true. That’s what makes us great,” says the underwhelming chorus sparked by Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Can’t you just imagine the scene; Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Tom Hanks sitting around sipping daiquiris while Bruce strums the guitar for Barack? It’s pathetic. President Trump is occupying so much space in Obama’s head that he’s got him wooing Springsteen into writing a song. Trump’s getting the last laugh on these morons, and it’s only going to get worse for them.

The Obamas hold court on luxury yacht, which included Tom Hanks (center), Bruce Springsteen (left), and their wives Patti and Rita Wilson (huddled next to Barack & Michelle)

Patriots were truly shocked by how incredibly bad the lyrics are to the new anti-Trump song, leaving no doubt they were perhaps written partially by Obama himself. Here’s another really clever line, which says, “Don’t tell me a lie, and sell it as a fact, I’ve been down that road before,  and I ain’t going back.” Clearly, this isn’t Springsteen’s best work. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing. We have to wonder how much alcohol was involved while writing this new Trump buster.

You may remember Obama tarnished the Medal of Freedom when he bestowed it to all of his celeb buddies before he left office. Last year he made sure Springsteen, Oprah, and Hanks all got the highest honor the United States awards to civilians. Now, it’s payback time, and all three showed up to be Obama’s court while he partied through Easter, plotting Trump’s demise with a Springsteen song. As President Trump would say, “Sad.”

If this is all the Obama machine has got to stop President Trump, we can all rest easy. We look forward to old Bruce Springsteen taking this number on the road and getting booed for playing it. Springsteen’s fans are blue collar, middle Americans, and they voted for Trump, so the boss needs to wake up.

The Obamas can use their friends to write songs and Barack can make speeches, but when will they learn they no longer have any power in America? They are making fools out of themselves with stunts like this and patriotic Americans are laughing right along with Trump.

Their time is over, it’s time for them to face it, Americans voted for Trump to make America great again, and no song will ever match that. Just like Bruce’s lyrics said, we have had lies sold to us as fact – it was the entire 8 years of the Obama presidency – and we aren’t going down that road again. We made that loud and clear in November, and we didn’t need a bad song to do it.

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