Trump Accuses Obama Of TREASON, Wiretap Scandal Has Barack RUNNING SCARED

President Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama (right)

President Donald Trump is blasting Barack Obama as overwhelming evidence proves that the former president spied on Trump as far back as June 2016. Shocking details of Obama’s plot are now known, including wiretapping Trump Tower. Obama is running scared, trying to explain what he did while mounting evidence points to the former president and other leading Democrats all being guilty of treason.

The treasonous plot to overthrow Donald Trump started as far back as June 2016 when he became the GOP nominee. Barack Obama, no doubt with Hillary Clinton’s approval, hatched a plan to wiretap Trump Tower to listen in on all of the Republican nominee’s communications.

Obama had his Department of Justice lackey Loretta Lynch petition the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC, also called the FISA Court) in June for the wiretapping, but when that initial application failed, Obama had the DOJ rewrite it with bogus allegations that Obama thought Trump had some nefarious dealings with Russian banks, making sure it would be granted in October.

So, a month before the 2016 election, Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped. He listened in on everything going on at the opposition’s headquarters. This is exactly what police states do; they bug private citizens, and they interfere in free elections, making Obama as bad as any communist dictator.

But, the big picture goes far beyond wiretapping Trump Tower, if that isn’t bad enough. Mark Levin, a constitutional scholar and radio host who worked as the chief of staff for Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General Edwin Meese, has made the case that this is a silent coup to overthrow Trump.

“Levin called Obama’s effort ‘police state’ tactics, and suggested that Obama’s actions, rather than conspiracy theories about alleged Russian interference in the presidential election to help Trump, should be the target of a congressional investigation,” Breitbart reports.

Levin used his entire show last Thursday to go over Obama’s actions, which are public record and include a paper trail proving Obama’s goal is to take out Trump and Pence. Levin cites a New York Times piece from March 1st, which incriminates Obama, exposing his efforts to set up the big Russian lie. As most everyone knows, the Democrats are on a witch hunt with claims that Trump was in cahoots with Russia to alter our election.

The New York Times says, “In the Obama administration’s last days, White House officials scrambled to spread information about Russian efforts to undermine the Russian election — and about possible contacts between associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Russians.”

There’s just one huge problem for Obama and the Democrats — they are committing treason. The bogus Russian/Trump narrative is the cover-up story. The real story is not Trump and the Russians. There has been absolutely no evidence to tie Trump or any of his associates to nefarious dealings with Russia. That’s the ruse to cover up what Obama did, spying and wiretapping Trump, and Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Al Franken, and Maxine Waters are all in on it.

“The Obama administration sought, and eventually obtained, authorization to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign; continued monitoring the Trump team even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found; then relaxed the NSA rules to allow evidence to be shared widely within the government, virtually ensuring that the information, including the conversations of private citizens, would be leaked to the media,” reports Breitbart.

Mark Levin called the effort a “silent coup” by the Obama administration and demanded that it be investigated. In the video below, Levin’s on fire as he exposes Obama and the traitors within our government.

Shockingly, Obama is running scared, but he’s not denying it. “Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said it had been a ‘cardinal rule’ of the Obama administration that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice,” reports Reuters.

That’s a tricky statement that does not deny Obama knew about it. If it weren’t true, he would completely disavow all knowledge of it. It just says he didn’t interfere with it. Of course, he knew; he ordered it, and the Russian ruse is the cover up.

Obama had to know that Trump would eventually find out about the wiretapping. Trump was a private citizen when it started, and it continued after he won the election. The motive was to get information on Trump, but when those wiretaps failed to yield anything against him, the bogus narrative about the Russians was planted in a silent coup attempt that we see going on now.

Trump still has an uphill battle, and he needs our help. He is tweeting this information to all Americans, wanting us to spread the truth far and wide. Enough of the ridiculous games the left is playing; it’s time for an investigation into Obama and all of those Democrats who are trying to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States. That’s treason, and it’s time they answer for their crimes.

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