Trump Delivers Slap In The Face To Obama With One Hidden Detail During His Visit To China

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President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are currently amid their nearly two-week Asia tour. At the moment, they are being welcomed on their first official visit to China. However, with what occurred when they arrived, Trump was effectively able to deliver former President Barack Obama a figurative slap in the face with one hidden detail during his visit to China.

Trump Delivers Slap In The Face To Obama With one Hidden Detail During His Visit To China
President Donald Trump (left), President Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Michael Delauzon/Twitter, Pamela Moriss/Twitter)

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are on the third leg of their Asia tour, currently visiting China. After landing in Beijing, the Trumps were able to meet up with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan. During their recent dinner together, President Trump was able to get a dig in on Obama with one hidden detail that will surely make his predecessor’s blood boil.

Although former President Barack Obama wanted the world to treat him like royalty, it seems he never quite got it. Instead, during the G-20 Summit last year, when he was in Beijing, Obama was treated the exact opposite – he was “snubbed.” Little did he realize then that it would be the one man he would come to despise, his replacement, Donald Trump, who would later be treated like royalty.

Upon their arrival, the Chinese government granted the Trumps an opportunity to tour and be served a rare dinner at the Forbidden City. The honor to do so has not been “bestowed on a foreign leader since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 68 years ago,” according to Daily Caller.

The Forbidden City, a massive palace complex, was the residence of the imperial family for centuries. It currently is a world-famous site, which was intentionally shut down for visits between the leaders of two of the world’s most powerful countries.

“Xi is going to treat Trump almost like an emperor,” Ming Wang, a professor of government and politics at George Mason University, told CNN. In fact, he went on to argue that China “will give Trump an exceptional reception, essentially they’ll try to make Trump happy.”

How embarrassing is this for Obama? Trump is being treated like royalty, given an honor that no leader has seen in 68 years. To add icing to the proverbial cake, Obama was downright “snubbed” — and now, Trump is being treated in a notably different way.

The two presidents are expected to discuss bilateral trade and North Korea, but there’s no telling yet whether China’s treatment of Trump is an indicator that he will help sway their policies. Trump has only spoken highly of China’s president, who happens to also be China’s strongest leader in decades, making many believe that their conversations will result in a positive relationship and beneficial outcomes for both countries.

It’s truly remarkable how much of a difference we’ve seen in how our country is treated on the world stage since Trump took office. Although the liberal media would like Americans to think that he’s an abominable president, it seems their assessment is based on the fact that they lost because they were wrong about Hillary Clinton and they were humiliated on election night. Clearly, Trump was the better candidate, and he’s only further proved that with how he is respected by other leaders.

Obama has unintentionally been knocked down a peg or two by Trump since the current president’s first day in office, and that undoubtedly has to make his blood boil. No one likes to feel inferior, but considering Obama thought he was royalty during his time as president, the fact that Trump of all people is really becoming someone who is not only admired but respected across the world has got to be infuriating. It feels good to have a President who is seen as a superior leader by even those with their own power.