Trump Humiliates Obama By Doing 1 Thing To White House Barack Refused To Do

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Trump Humiliates Obama By Doing 1 Thing To White House That He Refused To
President Donald Trump (left), the White House (center), Barack Obama (right)

For the past 8 years, many Americans were left utterly embarrassed by the things former President Barack Obama did while in office. Too bad for him, President Donald Trump just humiliated his predecessor by doing one thing to the White House that Obama refused to do all along.

Although Obama’s time in office is officially over, America is still cleaning up the mess that he left behind. Proving that to be the case is what Trump most recently explained that he would be doing to the White House – and it’s something that you would have never seen while Obama was in office.

According to The Hill, the current administration has announced that they will be lighting up the front of the White House blue in honor of police everywhere. In fact, Trump took things one step further on Monday by releasing a declaration deeming the day “Peace Officer Memorial Day.” Furthermore, he has also declared the upcoming week “Police Week” in order to show support for our brothers and sisters in blue.

Trump Humiliates Obama By Doing 1 Thing To White House That He Refused To
Example of the White House being lit up blue

“During Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, we honor the men and women of law enforcement who have been killed or disabled in the course of serving our communities. Police officers are the thin blue line whose sacrifices protect and serve us every day, and we pledge to support them as they risk their lives to safeguard ours,” Trump said in the text of the proclamation.

The document went on to list 118 fallen officers who died in the line of duty last year, adding that 66 were “victims of malicious attacks.” As if that isn’t enough to show the state we are in, the declaration also explained that this number is a 40 percent rise since last year.

Unfortunately, it shouldn’t come as a shock that these numbers going up considering the leadership we’ve had for the past 8 years. Not only did Obama praise violent and racist groups like Black Lives Matter, he enabled the violence that came about as a result of the organization’s growth.

Sadly, Obama was given ample opportunity to give police his support, but he outwardly chose not to do so on several occasions. For those who don’t remember, Daily Caller reports that one of those instances included a request to light the White House blue as a show of solidarity with law enforcement after a member of Black Lives Matter opened fire and slaughtered 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas.

Our spineless leader instead chose to spit in the faces of the fallen by declining the request, which ultimately let the country know exactly where he stood in terms of his support for law enforcement. Unfortunately for both him and the terrorist organization he supports, that’s now just a painful memory of the past as things are rapidly evolving from his disastrous policies.

Law and order is an essential cog in the machine of civilized society. Without it, the world falls apart.

It’s nice to know that the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe once again have the full support of our Commander-in-Chief. Slowly but surely, President Trump is making good on his promise to “Make America Great Again.”