Trump’s Unleashing Hell On Paul Ryan & DEMS Who Restricted Funding For Wall

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Paul Ryan (left), President Donald Trump (center), Chuck Schumer (right)

President Donald Trump is ready to unleash holy hell on Paul Ryan and the Democrats who blocked funding for his promised border wall. With the government shutdown looming, Speaker of the House Ryan, along with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, have Trump cornered, for now. But, behind the scenes, Trump has a plan that will bring down armageddon on those who oppose what the American people elected him to do. You’re going to love this.

Paul Ryan and House Republicans’ trillion dollar budget prevents any and all funding of President Trump’s border wall. The main reason they did this is due to the Democrats in the Senate. Any budget needs a minimum of sixty votes in the Senate to pass, which means eight Democrats would have to vote with the Republicans. This is the problem.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Paul Ryan caved to all the things that we conservatives care about. Trump and Americans across the country are pissed off because Ryan’s new budget bill will fund and entail:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Central American illegal immigrant centers
  • Domestic spending will increase
  • No cuts in funding to EPA despite Trump’s promises
  • Continue payment on Obamacare subsidies
  • No funding cuts to sanctuary cities

“There are explicit restrictions to block the border wall. We knew last week there would be no money to start construction on a project that the president says is more important to his base than anything else. But the final agreement goes further, putting strict limitations on how Trump can use new money for border security (e.g. to invest in new technology and repair existing fencing),” reports Washington Post.

Why would Ryan and the other House Republicans agree to such a deal? The answer is simple. They are owned by lobbyists, special interest groups who have never wanted a strong border. This is why, after years and years, we still have never secured the border. But, President Trump was elected to do just that, and the biggest thing to remember is that Trump is not owned by any outside groups. That is why he is feared by the Washington, D.C., elites in both parties.

Here’s how Trump will unleash holy hell on these traitors. Luckily, this budget is only through September 2017. After September, a new budget must be agreed to, and this where Trump will act to ensure his budget gets through. He will actively campaign against anyone who refuses to promise to their constituents that they will pass Trump’s budget. If these traitors want to win re-election they need Trump, or he’ll back someone else who will go along with what we Americans have elected him to do.

When Trump says “our government needs a good shutdown in September to fix (this) mess,” he is talking about the upcoming budget. He is urging a shutdown in September if these idiots keep capitulating to the Democrats. It’s what he wanted now, but Ryan betrayed him, but he will be held accountable. Paul Ryan is as good as gone come 2018.

Here’s what we can do as Americans. Support Trump and demand the government shutdown in September. Write, phone, or fax your representative, urging them to shut down the government until they pass the budget which we fought so hard to get; it’s why we elected Trump.

We voted for a wall, the end to sanctuary cities, tax cuts, the end to wasteful spending, and a stronger military with aid to our veterans. Trump is with us and against them, this much is certain, but he can’t do it alone. Now is the time for Americans to make our voices heard in Washington, D.C. Together we will destroy the hold the elites have on our government and make America great again. We will help President Donald J. Trump drain that swamp once and for all.

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