Trump Backs Pelosi For House Speaker, Sets Clever Trap For Democrats

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The Democrats regained control of the US House of Representatives on Tuesday, which seems like a set back for President Donald Trump’s agenda, but he’s a “glass half full” kind of guy and knows an opportunity when he sees it. He’s now backing Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker, setting a trap for Democrats.

The presumption is that California Democrat Nancy Pelosi will assume the role of House Speaker, a position she held briefly in the Obama-era, but there is a sizable faction from her party that wants someone more competent for the job. Trump knows that with lunatic Pelosi at the helm, it can only mean good things for him and the GOP in 2020, and he is lobbying hard to get her the gavel.

Before the vote tallies were in, former Vice President Joe Biden told NBC News that he was certain Trump would question the results of the midterm elections if the Democrats took control of the House. “I guarantee he’ll challenge the legitimacy of the vote. You know he’s still looking for that million crowd that was there for his inauguration,” said Biden of Trump.

Of course, Biden was wrong because he’s wrong about nearly everything, and Trump actually called up Pelosi to congratulate her and the Democrats for their win, according to Fox News. This was a little out of character for Trump, who has been locked in a war of words and insults with Pelosi since he took office, but maybe the President isn’t quite the jerk the liberal media tells us he is.

On top of that congratulatory phone call, Trump took to Twitter to actively lobby the Democrats to give Pelosi another shot at House Speaker.

See, isn’t that nice? Trump not only says Pelosi has earned the right to be House Speaker, but that he and the Republicans will do what they can to help her get the gig. All of this warm and fuzzy Trump stuff came after Pelosi announced that under her reign of fussiness the House would do nothing but obstruct the President’s agenda and waste taxpayer money on endless investigations against him.

Okay, something doesn’t seem quite right, does it? Why would Trump be so keen on seeing Pelosi, who qualifies as an archenemy, get her bony hands on the Speaker’s gavel again? If anything, you’d expect Trump to give her a nasty nickname like Nancy “Pel-Loser” while attacking her slurred speech and glaring hypocrisy.

It’s because Trump knows that Pelosi is campaign gold for Republicans. She is so loathed in most parts of this country that having her in charge means Republicans — and Trump himself — can use her objectionableness to their advantage in 2020.

Pelosi’s literally a scarecrow that terrifies voters everywhere except in liberal California. The Golden State is already going to the Democrats in the presidential election, but most of the rest of the country is wide open. A Nancy Pelosi speakership is a ready-made campaign ad against whacko liberalism and bad governance.

Plus, as a bonus, Pelosi is both crazy and incompetent. With her at the helm, the Democratic-controlled House will do nothing but run in circles. Under her leadership, Trump’s agenda isn’t threatened as it might be by anyone who isn’t a senile lunatic. It’s not certain that the Democrats have anyone who isn’t a bungling kook, but with Pelosi, Trump knows his plans are safe.

It’s not unusual for the party of the sitting president to lose control of the House. It happened to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. While those two saw a crisis, Donald Trump sees an opportunity. With Pelosi embarrassing the Democrats, Trump can cruise to reelection and the House will flip back to the GOP in two short years.

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