Trump Gets Perfect Gift From Queen As Leftists Melt Down Over POTUS’s State Visit

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Queen Elizabeth II blew President Donald Trump away with the gift she gave him to mark his historic state visit. The British Monarch has only given three state dinners for American presidents in 70 plus years, so you know she was really rolling out the red carpet for Trump. However, her gift was a superb choice for Trump while the leftist losers all had a huge meltdown. You’ll love this.

Queen Elizabeth II, First Lady Melania Trump, and President Donald Trump (left), Trump Blimp (right) (Photo Credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty, YouTube/Screenshot)

President Trump was in rare form at the official state dinner given by Her Majesty the Queen. The president’s speech at the event was so moving as he recalled the D-Day invasion by British and American forces 75 years ago. He also spotlighted the Queen, who during World War II worked as a young mechanic, despite being the next in line for the British throne.

However, we are now getting some behind the scenes news of the event, like the totally Trump-appropriate gift the Monarch gave the American president.

“In continuing the tradition of providing gifts to foreign dignitaries, the queen gave Trump an abridged first edition of The Second World War by Winston Churchill,” reports the Daily Caller. “The book, printed in 1959, is adorned with a gold-tooled crimson cover, silk endpapers and features hand-sewn red, white and blue headbands, reported CNN. Churchill wrote the books based on his own accounts and diaries of World War II.”

Trump has been a long-time admirer of the late British prime minister. While meeting the royal family in July 2018, he notably was photographed sitting in Churchill’s chair in Chequers, the prime minister’s official country home:

How can we forget one of President Trump’s first acts, when he got to the Oval Office, was to restore the bust of Winston Churchill. We all remember one of Barack Obama’s first moves was dumping the bust of the great World War II British Prime Minister to outside the Treaty Room in his private residence.

And it’s common knowledge in the United Kingdom that the Queen’s favorite prime minister has been Churchill. After Princess Elizabeth became the Queen, it was Churchill who guided her and they developed a close relationship. He was in his sunset years and she was just starting out.

For those angry leftists who seem to think the British Monarch loaves Trump, all signs indicate they are sadly mistaken. If anyone embodies Churchill, it’s Trump. 

And instead of being stoic at the reason President Trump was visiting their island nation, many of the English Trump-haters were suffering a real melt-down.

A number of British leftists have begun the ritualistic histrionics as President Donald J Trump arrived for his three-day State Visit to the UK, with some calling the President a ‘climate change denier’, “misogynist”, and a “warmonger,” reports Breitbart.

“The most prominent performances of anti-Trump theatrics came from the Labour Party and its London mayor Sadiq Khan, who wrote on Sunday that President Trump was a ‘global threat,'” Breitbart added. “President Trump hit back early on Monday morning, even before touching down on English soil, calling Khan a ‘stone cold loser’ and ‘dumb and incompetent.'”

Sad-faced and holding up a sign reading “Dear Trump”, Khan said that President Trump’s values are not the same “as London’s or this country”, saying: “We think that diversity is a strength.”

The latest feeble attack from Khan came via a recorded video message in partnership with women’s magazine Elle, where he asks the President to rethink “how women ought to be treated globally”.

The truth is President Trump is not a misogynist. He had the first ever successful female presidential campaign manager in the United States, Kellyanne Conway. If Trump was a misogynist, there is no way Kelleyanne would still be working as Trump’s senior adviser. Everyone who knows the powerhouse senior adviser knows she doesn’t play and would have left the Trump administration a long time ago.

Even Amnesty International, a known leftist organization, couldn’t get over their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). It seems TDS is now affecting the far-leftists in the United Kingdom:

However, not all in the left-wing British Labour Party jumped on the Hate Trump bandwagon, with pro-Brexit, classic Labour MP for Vauxhall Kate Hoey saying she was “saddened” by the “hysterical reaction” to President Trump’s visit “by some Labour colleagues”.

Leader of the Remain-backing Liberal Democrats Vince Cable claimed that the pro-Brexit, Anglophile President Trump should not be granted a State Visit because he is “actively working against British interests” and damaging the “traditional alliance” between the two countries.

That’s pure poppycock, as the Brits say. 

It was just your typical anti-Trump nonsense across the pond. The only semi-truthful claim these anti-Trump leftists cite is his stance on climate change. No, President Trump does not think the world is going to end in 12 years over global warming.

Let the Trump haters hate. Sixty-three million Americans decided our country was not going the way of open borders and socialism. It looks like the same thing happened in Britain with Brexit. We are the silent majority. We work, raise our kids to be contributing human beings responsible for themselves, we love our country and our God, and won’t become fools for the globalists.

So those leftists in Britain may make the news, but we know there is the silent majority in the United Kingdom who believe just as we do. And they along with the Queen welcome President Trump and our stunning First Lady Melania Trump. We share a common history, a common language, and a shared dream that our great nations are now on the right track to be great again.

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