BREAKING: Trump Names Pick For Vice President, It’s As American As You Can Get

On Tuesday, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced who it is he would tap for vice president if he gets the nod in the primaries from the GOP, and America is collectively cheering.

In recent months, The Donald’s views have seemed to come into alignment with those of the Republican Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, so it makes sense as to why he would tap him for his veep, which is exactly what he said he would do, according to The Hill. Now, do you see why Americans are cheering? Cruz is as much of a statesman as he is a patriot, and together, they could do great things for the country.

BREAKING: Trump Names Pick For Vice President, It’s As American As You Can Get

“Ted Cruz is now agreeing with me 100 percent,” Trump said, according Laura Ingraham’s website, Lifezette. Trump’s favoritism of Cruz likely comes from the fact that the Texas Republican has held off on attacking the GOP frontrunner, and the two even rallied together in an effort to stop the horrendous Iranian nuclear deal from going through in September, although they were unsuccessful.

The pair also share similar views on Islamic extremism, border security, and getting the government out of the way of business to jumpstart the economy. Although, while Trump indicated Cruz would be his likely pick, he didn’t hesitate to say that should Cruz go on the offensive, he’ll “go to war” with him.

BREAKING: Trump Names Pick For Vice President, It’s As American As You Can Get

“If he catches on, I guess we’ll have to go to war,” he told host Joe Kernen on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

During an interview on Ingraham’s radio show, Trump also dismissed any shot at Florida Senator Marco Rubio being tapped as VP. Trump said Rubio’s stance on immigration isn’t favorable, which comes from being a part of the “Gang of Eight’s” amnesty push in 2013.

“Rubio is not going to be the one … it’s not going to be Rubio,” Trump said, “Rubio is very, very weak on immigration — a member of the Gang of Eight.”

Trump has come out strongly against any form of amnesty, and he has even promised to deport the 11 million or so illegals in America. He’s also vehemently opposed to Barack Obama’s plan to bring in 10,000 refugees from Syria. He called the plan “insane” and used Germany as an example of why we shouldn’t be so quick to allow them in, since Angela Merkel is about to “destroy” her country.

“Look what Merkel has done in Germany,” he said. “Taking these people is absolute insanity. There are going to be riots over there.”

In my opinion, if Cruz and Trump partner up for the 2016 ticket, they’ll be almost unstoppable in their quest for the White House since they’ll attract people from both the far-right and the center, plus the millennials, who Trump enjoys wide support from. Additionally, Cruz’s devotion to the constitutional principles that made our nation great to begin with would keep Trump in check, which would likely make him more appealing to those worrying about him overstepping his authority as president.

Either way, a constitutional conservative and a very successful businessman leading our nation would undoubtedly “Make America Great Again,” and it’s a ticket I would be more than excited to vote into office.

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