Trump Scores Record-Setting Win for American Workers, Democrats Are Fuming

Donald Trump promised to be the greatest jobs president in the history of our country. Time and again, he vowed to put the forgotten people first — the hard-working Americans who were neglected by the liberal elite. After only two years in the White House, Trump has scored yet another record-setting win for American employees. It will make every last citizen ask, “Why would anyone vote Democrat?”

The Trump economy continues to reach new milestones. The latest puts every last Democrat to shame. (Photo Credit: Vladimir Solomyani/Unsplash, DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos)

For decades, the Democratic Party has claimed to be the party of the working man. Going all the way back to FDR, Democrats have promised to improve the lives of regular Americans. They convinced millions of middle-class and working-class people that their only hope was to vote for their party.

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My, have times changed! Today, the Democrats have completely neglected working Americans. Since Bill Clinton, they’ve favored the rich and powerful. Toxic policies, like NAFTA, closed down American factories and put people out of work.

Yet Democrats keep saying they’re the party of the working class. But where were all the jobs? Where was the opportunity? President Barack Obama was terrible for the economy. Millions of middle and working class families watched their prosperity get flushed down the toilet.

Meanwhile, the super-rich of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East flourished.

Donald Trump, after only a year and a half in office, is making good on every last promise. He’s done what no president ever has: He tried. Already he’s slashed taxes and government regulation. He’s negotiated trade deals that are bringing wealth and work back the U.S. soil. Most recently, he slew the North American Free Trade Agreement, Clinton’s terrible deal that has poisoned American jobs since the 90’s.

All that hard work has paid off big time. We’ve seen records set and broken under the Trump administration. Now, we are happy to report a new milestone, one that American workers will be happy to hear about.

National wage growth is at the highest it’s been in nearly 17 months — and, according to a new study released by Glassdoor, it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon.

“We expect wages to continue to rise as demand remains for workers throughout a number of industries,” Glassdoor economist Daniel Zhao said in a news release.

Wages grew 2.6 percent year-over-year from 2017 to $52,664, making it the fastest wage growth seen since April 2017.

Some industries are also seeing bigger boosts in pay than others. For instance, health care roles like pharmacy technician and emergency medical technician saw annual pay grow by 6.8 percent and 5.7 percent, which could indicate “big opportunities” in the field. That’s in large part because those types of jobs require human interaction, and are therefore difficult to automate, despite increased demand. [Source: Fox Business]

Anyone that lives near a vacation spot noticed a huge boom in visitors this summer. That’s because, thanks to the tax cuts bill and other Trump policies, Americans have more cash in their wallets. The bonuses and pay increases offered by their companies have allowed more Americans to take the family on vacation — some for the first time in a long time.

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This holiday season will be no different. Companies are already preparing for the shopping rush. The need for good workers is so high, they are bending over backward to attract workers.

Companies are already hiring for the holidays. But with the unemployment rate low, they’re having a hard time finding seasonal workers. That’s why several companies are offering big incentives to their seasonal workers.

Target announced they will be hiring 120,000 workers this holiday season. Their starting salary is $12 an hour with a 20 percent discount on all wellness items.

Gap is hiring 65,000 people this season, and all holiday hires will get 50 percent off all full-priced items. [Source: WCPO]

Companies across major industries are eager to hire and keep good workers. Wages are rising. Employees can count on other benefits to keep them happy.

This is no accident. After nearly a decade of struggling, the economy has finally rebounded after the Great Recession.

Democrats promise to “save” the working and middle classes. But all they offer today is a road back to the Dark Ages. Democrats across the country are running on a platform of opposition to the president. Think about that. Their only message is to stop the man who is bringing record prosperity to the country. How stupid can they get?

The only things Democrats are promising are socialist ideas that will kill our economy. Bernie Sanders and his buddies want “Medicare for All,” a government-run health care program. Yeah, because we’re all eager for Obamacare 2.0!

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It’s clear the only man helping American workers is Donald Trump. Every last Democrat is trying to end his winning streak. Be sure to share this article with everyone you know. Americans need to see how Trump is winning for them.