Redditor Notices What Trump Refused To Wear To G20 Summit, Photo Instantly Goes Viral

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President Donald Trump attends the G20 Summit in Germany.

President Donald Trump is currently in the midst of his second overseas trip, where he is attending the G20 Summit in Germany with a host of other world leaders. When an eagle-eyed Redditor noticed what the president refused to wear on Friday, images of the ordeal instantly went viral. You’re going to love this!

If there’s one thing President Trump is known for, it’s his reputation for putting America first, which should be every Commander in Cheif’s top priority. This has earned the 45th president a wide base of loyal supporters who have long waited for a leader who places the interests of the American people before a globalist agenda. While in Germany, Trump proved once again that his first priority is to the United States of America, and he doesn’t give a single iota who might be offended by that.

When all of the other world leaders at the summit proudly donned their G20 lapel pins while representing their country, Trump was photographed sporting something entirely different: The same American flag pin he wears every other day of the week.

The picture of Trump’s display of deep-seated American pride was posted to Reddit by a user who goes by the name NorthShoreblacksheep and who is obviously a fan of the president, even though it does not appear that the Redditor is from the U.S.

The epic photo, which you can see below, shows Trump looking serious and ready to kick some butt in the interest of making America great again. It was titled by the Redditor, “Everyone Is Wearing Their G20 Summit Lapel Pins….Expect One. AMERICA FIRST!”

World leaders gathered at the G20 Summit in Germany on Friday, where all but one sported a lapel pin to mark the event.

Make no mistake, this was a calculated move by President Donald Trump to show the other leaders of the world that America is his number one priority and he will not have his country playing second fiddle to the interests of any other country or global agenda. This was indeed intentional, and Trump did not simply forget to wear the G20 lapel pin. It was a decided choice, and it is one which speaks volumes about his American pride.

Obviously, this is not something former President Barack Obama would have ever done. He was far too concerned with advancing a globalist agenda that put America far behind while offering apologies to our enemies. No wonder Trump has such a massive mess to clean up after eight years of that moron’s presidency. Luckily, Donald Trump is the perfect man for the job, as evidenced by his display today in Germany. God bless America and President Donald Trump!

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