BREAKING: President Trump Responds To Michael Cohen’s Secret Tape

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In a stunning development, it has been discovered that Michael Cohen, the former attorney for President Donald Trump, was a sniveling, scheming parasite with no honor or loyalty. The New York Times reported on Friday that Cohen violated his client’s trust in the worst possible way, recording him without his knowledge. Now, the president has responded to the secret tape.

President Donald Trump (left), Michael Cohen (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot, EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images)

The Times reported that Cohen secretly recorded the president two months prior to the 2016 presidential election as the two were discussing possible payments to former Playboy model Karen McDougal. The recording is now in the hands of federal authorities as it was part of the documents and other items that were seized by the FBI when the Bureau raided Cohen’s office in New York.

President Donald Trump’s current attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, told CNN that President Trump had no idea he was being recorded during the discussion. Giuliani said it took place at Trump Tower in New York in September of 2016. When the president was informed of the existence of the tape, the president said, “I can’t believe Michael would do this to me.”

But, the president’s legal team does not believe that the tapes, of which they have read transcripts, pose any type of legal challenge for the president, CNN reported. “There are other tapes of Cohen and other ‘powerful’ individuals that the FBI seized beyond the President that could be embarrassing for the people on the tape and for Cohen, according to a source familiar with the tapes. The source said the people are of ‘significance and consequence,’” CNN wrote.

CNN Producer & News Editor AnneClaire Stapleton confirmed the existence of other tapes with a statement on Twitter. “There are MORE recordings Michael Cohen had of the president in his records that were seized by the FBI, according to Rudy Giuliani and a source with knowledge of Cohen’s tapes,” she wrote.

The source also told CNN that it could be Cohen who finds himself in trouble due to the recording since it poses an ethical question about an attorney recording his own client.

Giuliani told CNN that he has been aware of the existence of the McDougal tape for days and has reviewed it. “Nothing in that conversation suggests that he [Trump] had any knowledge of it in advance,” he told The Times.

Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis, who worked for former President Bill Clinton, did not comment on the tapes when asked by The Times. “We have nothing to say on this matter,” he said.

And, for some reason, it appears that porn star Stormy Daniel’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, has had advance knowledge of the existence of these tapes. He bragged about it on Twitter after the Cohen news broke. “Here is what I said less than two months ago. I demanded the release of what I called the #TrumpTapes then, and I am demanding the release of them again now. #Basta,” he wrote on Twitter.

Avenatti then went on MSNBC and bragged about his knowledge of things he should not be aware of. “I know for a fact that this is not the only tape,” he said. “I’m not at liberty to get into the details relating to what I’ve seen or what I’ve heard, but there are multiple audio recordings, and our position is that they should be released immediately.”

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta said he spoke to Avenatti on Friday and Avenatti told him that he and Cohen ran into each other at a restaurant and spoke to each other. “He and Michael Cohen actually ran into each other at a New York City restaurant on Monday night, it was at the restaurant Scalinatella, and this was a total happenstance, according to Michael Avenatti,” Acosta said.

“He said that he and Michael Cohen ended up having a brief conversation about, essentially, things that are happening in the news right now,” Acosta added. “Avenatti did not want to get into detail in terms of what exactly they talked about, but he called it a ‘very productive meeting.’”

There are major ethical questions about the entire situation. Ethics about an attorney recording his client in secret and ethics about why an attorney for a porn star has foreknowledge of what alleged evidence the federal government has on the President of the United States. In their desire to get something damaging on the president, this clown car of shady attorneys could find themselves becoming the ones who get nailed.