Trump Just Got Massive Revenge On Who He Caught Golfing On HIS Course

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Trump Just Got Massive Revenge On Who He Caught Golfing On HIS Course
Donald Trump on Golf Course (left), Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach (right)

President-elect Donald Trump has taken more than his fair share of criticism from his many detractors, beginning at the start of his campaign and carrying on today from those same people who hate him even more since he won. He effortlessly shrugs off every lie and accusation against him, and now he’s getting the last laugh after what he did when he saw who was golfing on his course.

There is no shortage of people on both sides of the aisle who tried to keep Trump out of the White House, as one of the biggest threats to the political establishment to ever run for office. He overcame every attempt to take him down and continues to win with one positive change for the country after another, proving wrong every person who doubted him. He’s now demonstrated just how different he is from our current president by proving he can’t be bought with who he booted off of his exclusive golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Among those leading the charge against Trump and his presidential campaign, were billionaires Charles and David Koch who also happened to be members of his exclusive golf course which doesn’t come cheap. The pro-amnesty and free trade supporting brothers opposed Trump during the Republican primary season and refused to help him during the general election, Breitbart reported. They are also good friends with Harry Hurt III, who authored the slanderous book against Trump in 1993, titled Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, in which he made false accusations that Trump’s former wife, Ivana, said he raped her.

Now that we’re on the dawn of Inauguration Day and there is nothing the Kochs or anyone else can do about Trump officially taking office, David Koch was taking some time off from his efforts against him to do a little golfing. He teed off with Hurt who was along for the ride on New Year’s Eve. When the president-elect found out they were there, he forced the pair to leave.

It had to be humiliating for the billionaire buddies, but they definitely got what they deserved, and Trump proved that he doesn’t care about their money and can’t be bought. This certainly doesn’t bode well for the political establishment that wants to keep lobbyists and business tycoons in their pocket who Trump doesn’t play well with.