Trump Gets Last Laugh After Robert De Niro Calls His Budget Cuts ‘Bullsh*t’

President Donald Trump (left), Robert De Niro (right)

Robert De Niro uses every opportunity to rail against President Donald Trump, and as he received a “Lifetime Achievement Award,” things were no different. De Niro zeroed in on certain budget cuts, calling them “bullsh*t” just because he sees them as something the country can’t do without. You’ll love how Trump is getting the last laugh as he proves De Niro is the real idiot when it comes to knowing what Americans truly need.

As De Niro accepted a “Lifetime Achievement Award,” he decided to use his acceptance speech to take aim at President Trump’s proposed budget, which would cut funds to the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. For the record, Trump’s budget did not become law, but that didn’t stop De Niro from calling it “bullsh*t.”

“The budget proposal, among its other draconian cuts to life-saving and life-enhancing programs, eliminates the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting,” De Niro began, according to Hollywood Reporter. “For their own divisive political purposes, the administration suggests that the money for these all-inclusive programs goes to rich liberal elites. This is what they now call an alternative fact. I call it what it is: bullsh*t,” DeNiro continued.

Whether taxpayer monies for these programs go to rich elites is not the point, even though they do. Why doesn’t De Niro and some of his fellow celebrities pitch in and cover the costs for these programs? Their answer to that question is pure gold and proves why Trump is laughing at celebs who have no clue about what Americans need.

De Niro is mimicking actor Tim Daly who heads the drive for the arts called “Creative Coalition.” Daly appeared on Tucker Carlson to defend their plan to increase taxpayer dollars going to the arts, which, as stated, includes all the liberal outlets like NPR and PBS. Yet, Daly misquoted Winston Churchill, a staunch conservative icon.

Mr. Daly told Tucker when Prime Minister Winston Churchill was asked to discontinue arts funding to help with the war effort, Churchill supposedly replied, “Then, what are we fighting for?”

“Fact-check: Churchill historian, Richard Langworth, in reference to said quote, confirms: ‘[I]t is not in any of Churchill’s 15 million words in his papers, letters, articles, or books,”‘ reports Fresno Bee. “Hence, Mr. Daly, in his efforts to have funding continue for the NEA, has, unfortunately, fallen victim to fake news.”

But, that’s not all. Liberal celebs sounded off on Twitter when Daly brought up the budget cuts, while real Americans schooled them in what is important after De Niro went on his tirade. First, have a look at examples of the meltdown from snowflakes on the left:

Patriots fought back after De Niro made a fool of himself. Hard-working Americans understand a budget. We know we can’t get everything we want in life, and we are trusting Trump to steer the course back to prosperity.

Another patriot brought up the fact that liberals love abortion rights, which kill millions, but they are all up in arms saying that a cut to their art programs will cause people to die. What a bunch of hypocrites. If they are so profoundly upset about this, then let them fund it. Let them put their money where their big mouths are and knock themselves out by taking over all those programs. You think they would be clamoring to “save lives.”

De Niro and his cohorts prove they don’t inhabit the same world as regular Americans. They scratch their heads and wonder why Trump won while the answer is right in front of them. The millions of Americans who voted for Trump did so because we inhabit the real world where people who don’t have jobs don’t eat.

We live with the fear of losing what little we have due to bloated government entitlement programs. While De Niro and the other celebrity nutjobs can afford to live in fantasyland, we have watched our country come to the brink of disaster after eight years under a socialistic-globalist president, and we refuse to go back to that ever again.

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