Trump’s Laughing Hard As Rosie Has Epic Meltdown Over His Nasty Surprise

President Donald Trump (left), Rosie O’Donnell (right)

President Donald Trump is under so much stress that sometimes he just needs to have a good laugh, and that’s where Rosie O’Donell comes in. Trump triggered the liberal nutjob by sending her a nasty surprise, and she’s in full meltdown mode. So much so, Trump has to be downright amused. You’re going to love this.

Rosie O’Donell was overreacting to President Trump firing now-former FBI Director James Comey. Rosie has a history of exploding over anything that has to do with Donald Trump, but she reacted too quickly on the Comey firing, not realizing she was setting herself up to look like an idiot. O’Donnell started by applauding CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who called Trump’s firing of the FBI director a “grotesque abuse of power,” and she went on from there, posting several tweets that would ultimately blow up in her face.

Rosie went as far as to compare Trump to Nixon, which is a hysterical talking point from the left that is as preposterous as Maxine Waters’ statement that this will all lead to impeachment. But, hold on, you’re going to love how quickly this all blows up in Rosie’s face.

You see, it was Rosie herself who in late December 2016 was calling for Barack Obama to fire Comey, immediately. President Trump sent Rosie her own tweet right back in her face while other patriots also chimed in, causing Rosie to have an epic meltdown.

Rosie lost it when she saw that Trump had re-tweeted her “Fire Comey” post from last December. She immediately tweeted to Trump, and as you’ll see, she is having an epic meltdown and her hair is on fire.

Rosie got so emotionally involved that she started spewing out fabrications as if she is on the inside of the FBI, and to drive her lies home, she said, “for real.” Rosie’s tweet proves that the left has become completely unhinged, “for real,” and Trump controls the narrative as she falls right into his trap.

Mike Cernovich is right, Trump is on the offensive as he was during his campaign. If he was to back down and not call out all the hypocrisy, even from Rosie, then he would lose the media war. Perception is everything, and Trump is a master of trolling the media that tries so hard to work against him.

Politicians can be ruined as easily over a lie as they can be by the truth. There is no doubt that Trump is in no way or ever has colluded with the Russians, but the numbskulls like Rosie really believe it’s true. That’s right, with zero evidence, they believe it because it’s all they have got.

This isn’t about Comey as Trump has now proven. All of the Democrats called for Comey to resign or be fired just a few months ago. This is about their need to keep their narrative going, hoping they will convince most Americans that Trump is evil and that he is working for Vladimir Putin.

As comical as that thought is, the special snowflakes believe whatever Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi tell them. But, in the end, they will lose. Trump has the truth on his side, and he has those of us who will support him. We won’t fall for the liberal talking points or their game playing.

Our country is at stake, and they fear him. They know their time is up. They decided to work against America by working to destroy Trump, but they will find out the hard way that Trump was elected to end their careers just like he did Comey’s. He’s draining the swamp and dispatching the enemies of this great Republic one by one, just like we elected him to do. That’s how we work together to make Americ great again.

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