As Trump Backs Alabama’s Roy Moore For Senate, RINO Mitch McConnell Issues Sick Threat

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President Donald Trump has thrown his full support behind Alabama Senatorial candidate Roy Moore, much to the disappointment of swamp dwellers like Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Now, the endangered RINO is issuing a sick threat to Moore as Alabama voters get ready to send him to Washington, D.C., to help Trump clean house.

U.S. Senate Building (background), President Donald Trump (inset, left), Roy Moore (inset, center/top), Mitch McConnell (inset, right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/C-SPAN/Fox News)

According to Breitbart, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell recently appeared on Fox’s show hosted by Laura Ingraham, The Ingraham Angle, where he made it clear that he will stop at nothing to keep Alabama Senatorial candidate Roy Moore from taking his place in the United States Senate if elected by the people of Alabama.

Feel free to correct me on this, but didn’t the elites in Washington, D.C., use the same kind of tactics in the 2016 Presidential election, where they promised everything from the government shutdown to civil war if Trump were elected? It would appear that McConnell didn’t learn anything from the mistakes of the left.

During his interview with Ingraham, McConnell made the following comments about the likelihood of a Moore win according to a transcript provided by Fox News:

INGRAHAM: The Alabama Senate race is taking up a lot of oxygen in the political landscape. He is up now in the polls 5 percent. You favored Luther Strange. A lot of money went into supporting Luther Strange. He didn’t win. Roy Moore won. I actually supported Mo Brooks. But Roy Moore won. And now all these allegations against him. You said he should step aside. He may very well win this election. What does that say about four influence in the Senate your influence? Does it have any implication for you? He wants to unseat you, he said.

MCCONNELL: Well, President Trump and I are on the same side. We both supported Luther Strange even though you supported Mo Brooks. The people in Alabama decided to go in a different direction. And on December 12 they will get to decide who they want to send to the Senate and we will deal with that when that happens.

INGRAHAM: So if that happens, there are still senators who say we could vote to expel him to the U.S. Senate. What does that say to the state of Alabama? They have heard all the arguments. And I know you say you believe the women that came forward. I tend to think some of them are credible as well. But people in Alabama are hearing it all.

MCCONNELL: They’re going to make the decision in Alabama —

INGRAHAM: Should you in the Senate invalidate that by expelling him out?

MCCONNELL: We will deal with the aftermath the decision of the people of Alabama make on December 12.

INGRAHAM: So you think it is a possibility he could be expelled from the Senate?

MCCONNELL: I think there is a possibility he will have an ethics issue.

INGRAHAM: An ethics investigation once he gets here?

MCCONNELL: Yeah, I think it’s almost certain.

INGRAHAM: How far back will those allegations — they go back almost four decades

MCCONNELL: It will be up to the committee.

INGRAHAM: There a lot of ethics investigations going on.

MCCONNELL: Unfortunately, yeah.

Basically, Mitch McConnell is promising to employ the same tactics against Moore that have been used against Donald Trump. A new costly, pointless, and fraudulent probe in the name of “ethics.” However, I highly doubt McConnell has even the remotest idea of what “ethics” actually are since he would admittedly subvert the will of the American voter.

I hope the good people of Alabama teach Mitch McConnell a lesson that he will never forget in the upcoming special election on December 12, 2017. It isn’t right for McConnell to use his position to bully candidates he doesn’t like or politically align with. Moore would be a powerful ally for Trump in our do-nothing Senate, and McConnell knows it. The days of manipulating election outcomes are over for RINOs, whether the McConnell likes it or not.

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