PROOF: Trump-Russia Connection BOGUS, Evidence PLANTED By Obama’s Spies

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President Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama (right)

Shocking new evidence shows Barack Obama and FBI Director James Comey are in cahoots to impeach President Donald Trump, proving the hacking of the Democratic National Committee by Russians to sway the election is entirely fabricated and Trump colluding with the Russians is completely fake too, all planted by ruthless cyber spies hired by Obama and the Democrats, with help from Comey. This hardcore proof will blow your mind.

To understand this devious operation, we have to go back to the beginning of the Russian hacking story which started with the Democratic National Committee in June 2016. Most of us remember the bombshell that dropped right before the DNC convention when Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to step down after the DNC claimed they were hacked.

Crowdstrike is the private cyber security firm the DNC hired, and it was from Crowdstrike that a report was issued stating they found malware on the DNC servers called “Fancy Bear.” According to Crowdstrike, Fancy Bear is a Russian hacking group, and they allege that they can trace it back to the Russian intelligence agency called GRU.

This is where the whole Russia hacking our election and Trump colluding with the Russian narrative comes from. You’d expect the FBI to have investigated the DNC servers to confirm the existence of Fancy Bear, but James Comey testified that the DNC denied several requests from the FBI to look into their servers.

So, everything regarding Russia hacking the DNC comes from Crowdstrike, and here’s where it gets a little complicated. Crowdstrike manufactured a false report about the hacking. Fancy Bear’s malware did not hack the DNC; that was also fabricated by Crowdstrike.

We know Crowdstrike manufactured the Fancy Bear/Russia connection from a report they issued on that same malware hacking into the Ukraine military.

What could provide the link between the Russian intelligence agency GRU and Fancy Bear, the group that Crowdstrike claimed was behind the DNC hack? Enter the Ukrainian story.

Crowdstrike was making a truly shocking claim: that the Ukrainian military had lost 80 percent of its D-30 Howitzers due to malware installed by the Russian hacking group Fancy Bear that they said is connected to the GRU.

The Crowdstrike report provided just the connective tissue that was needed in late December to connect the Russian government to a shocking example of cyberespionage affecting the real world, but it had one big problem; it wasn’t true.

True to form, however, the establishment media simply took Crowdstrike’s word and failed to fact-check the report. [Source: Breitbart]

In the video below, Comey testified before the Senate Intel Committee that the DNC denied the FBI access to their servers. He says, “We were not given access. A highly respected company [Crowdstrike] eventually got access and shared with us what they found there.” This proves everything Comey knows about the DNC-Russia hack comes directly from Crowdstrike, not from any FBI investigation. Comey admitting this is damning and will come back to haunt them.

The Democrats’ attempts to smear Trump with allegations of Russian involvement failed to win them the election, and by December, the Obama administration was taking a number of steps to make the incoming president’s job as difficult as possible.

As Mad World News previously reported, Barack Obama amended Executive Order 12333, giving sixteen different agencies access to classified intel, and now, we have Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Evelyn Farkas spilling the beans yesterday. Farkas appeared on MSNBC and admitted first-hand knowledge the Obama administration spied on candidate and president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team to gather “’intelligence’ for political use.”

In another strange coincidence, Farkas is tied to Crowdstrike. She and the owner of Crowdstrike, Dimitri Alperovitch, sit on the Atlantic Council, and they are funded by the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk. The Atlantic Council has been among the loudest voices calling for a new Cold War with Russia — exactly what the Democrats have been pushing for.

Yet, we know there is absolutely nothing connecting Trump to colluding with the Russians, and now, we know that the FBI’s “evidence” comes from the discredited cyber firm, Crowdstrike. That was Comey’s “smoking gun,” this Crowdstrike report. He used it to make allegations that the FBI has an ongoing investigation into Trump and the Russians; it’s preposterous!

The DNC won’t turn over access to their servers because there was no hack; it’s all a ruse to get Trump. Obama started spying on Trump in July, according to Evelyn Farkas, and if he had one iota of evidence that linked Trump to the Russians, it would have already come out. So, what’s the end game?

If the Democrats, with the help of Comey, can fabricate some evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, that would be an offense great enough that he would have to step down or face impeachment. This is why you hear that idiot Maxine Waters screeching about impeachment. Even Waters is in the loop about what the Democrats, with help from the mainstream media rats, are trying to do.

This is vitally important information that all Americans need to know at once. This diabolical game being played by Obama, Comey, and the Democrats must be unmasked, and the truth is the only thing that can stop this now. We are fighting against dark forces that are gunning for Trump, and we must be the light that exposes this evil scheme. We the People took back the White House, now we have to keep the wolves at bay so President Trump can continue restoring our country, making America great again.

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