Trump: Russia Hacking Is FALSE FLAG, Obama Regime’s Sick Plan Exposed

President-elect Donald Trump is warning Americans about the lies being reported, alleging that Russia hacked our election. Barack Obama and his regime’s plan goes way beyond this false claim, as those far leftist power brokers, the globalists who pull Obama’s strings, make a last-ditch effort to retain control of the U.S. We cannot be duped by their lies, and every American must now this nefarious plan, before it’s too late.

Donald Trump (left), Vladimir Putin (middle), Barack Obama (right)

The false reports, claiming Russia interfered and hacked the United States government to interfere with our elections, are a pack of lies. At this point, any politician, Democrat or Republican, who says Russia hacked the US can’t be trusted. They’re part of the globalist cabal and want Donald Trump to fail.

To understand why the Russia hacking story is a false flag, meant to undermine Trump, we need to go back to the first time we heard claims about Russia hacking our government. During the Democratic National Convention, news erupted that Hillary Clinton was colluding with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to ensure Bernie Sanders lost the nomination.

Hillary and the Democrats blamed Russia and Donald Trump. Russia is a superpower with skills to hack and not leave a trace. Obama and those loyal to him, working within the government, want us to be believed Russia left “fingerprints” all over this so-called hacking. That’s the problem, and legendary NSA expert William Binney will tell you this was an inside job:

Instead – if it were Russia – they probably would have used a different, covert method, so people couldn’t see their fingerprints. Moreover, Binney said that he thought the hack may have been conducted by an NSA employee who was upset at Clinton’s careless handling of America’s most sensitive intelligence.

On the other hand, the head of the organization which leaked the emails to the press – Julian Assange of Wikileaks – not only denied that it was the Russians, but has strongly and repeatedly hinted that the hacker was a DNC insider. [via Zero Hedge]

Russia and Trump are the fall guys for Hillary Clinton. Even Jim Comey said the FBI thought Hillary’s home brewed server had been hacked, but the hacking was so sophisticated, they could not say definitively who had done it. However, we are now to believe that Russia leaves all kind of evidence while hacking our elections.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters think the fake Russian hacking scam may somehow unseat Trump, but there’s zero evidence that any voting machines or results were hacked.

Trump adviser and former ambassador to the UN John Bolton weighed in and said the Russian hacking story is a lie, possibly coming from an outside source or even Obama and his puppetmasters. Bolton has to be careful. As a former diplomat up for a high ranking position in the Trump administration, he can’t come out and say for sure it’s Obama, but he did go on the record saying this whole Russia hacking fairy tale is a false flag done by those wanting it to look like Russia, but no way would Russia be so blatant.

Bolton appeared on Fox News, saying, I believe that the intelligence community [CIA] has been politicized in the Obama administration to a very significant degree.” Bolton did not elaborate on what exactly a false flag operation entails but rhetorically asked, “If you think the Russians did this, then why did they leave fingerprints?”

Obama and those he controls in the CIA are telling us that this hacking job was so sloppy, the Russians left all kinds of clues behind. That’s a load of crap, and anyone running with this “Russia hacked our elections” story, including John McCain, is outing themselves as part of the Obama, George Soros, Clinton globalist network.

They want you to believe that Donald Trump is in cahoots with Vladimir Putin, who they say is the evilest man on earth and that the Russians are our biggest foes. Putin is no choir boy, but we have to deal with him, and making him out to be a bigger threat than the Islamic State is just plain crazy.

Let’s not be naive, of course. We know foreign governments spy on us and we spy on them, but the point is, Russia didn’t do this election hack. They would not have left fingerprints. This Russia false flag is an attempt to undermine Trump’s presidency, make Americans think Hillary may have won the election, and challenge Trump’s power going forward.

Americans are battle weary after eight years of Obama, and we don’t believe everything the government tells us anymore. Spread the truth. Don’t let these scumbags get away with their sick plan. They want to stop Trump and prevent him from making America great again.

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