BOOM! Trump’s EPIC Comeback Schools Bill Clinton On ‘Angry White Men’

Bill Clinton decided it was smart to direct a snarky comment towards President-elect Donald Trump about angry white men. Bill must be losing his mind to start a war of one-liners with Trump. The former President got schooled by the man who soundly defeated his wife in this year’s presidential election, and you’re going to love Trump’s epic response to Bill.

Another random Clinton sighting occurred as Bill was spotted in a little independent bookstore somewhere in upstate New York, but no one believes these events are just out of the blue. Bill was asked about the election, and of course, he blamed Hillary’s loss on, who else, James Comey. Bill also claimed that Trump called him the day after the election, making clear Bill is the king and Trump the jester who serves him.

“Addressing the main causes of Hilary Clinton’s defeat, however, was a black-and-white matter. ‘James Comey cost her the election,’ he [Bill] declared early in the conversation, echoing his wife’s assessment. ‘Is Trump smart?’ a man asked as a follow-up. ‘He doesn’t know much. One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him,’ Mr. Clinton replied.” [via Bedford Pound Ridge Review]

Gateway Pundit reported, “Clinton also attacked ‘angry white men‘ for choosing Trump over Crooked Hillary. It’s still acceptable in the liberal media to attack white, male, Christian, conservative men and women as often as possible. And these same liberal elites like to lecture white, male, Christian, conservative Americans for being racist.”

Trump came back at Bill with a tweet, so millions of Americans could witness the put-down. He tweeted, “Bill Clinton stated that I called him after the election. Wrong, he called me (with a very nice congratulations). He ‘doesn’t know much’ especially how to get people, even with an unlimited budget, out to vote in the vital swing states (and more). They focused on wrong states.”

So far, no response from the Clinton Camp. It seems Bill and Hillary are still stinging from the loss, as Trump noted the Clintons had the biggest war chest with over 2 billion dollars to win one election, and they couldn’t even do that right.

It’s time for Bill, Hillary, and Barack and Michelle Obama to go away. Americans are sick and tired of the Clintons’ random sightings and the Obamas’ publicized vacations. They have been voted out. Americans have a lot of work to do. We have to clean up their mess and make America great again.

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