Trump Sex Accusers In PANIC Mode After 2 Witnesses Drop Truth Bomb

Two women who have accused Donald Trump of various types of sexual assault are in panic mode after witnesses have come forward with new shocking information. Former People Magazine journalist Natasha Stoynoff and Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos claim Trump groped and kissed them, but now two men have come forward with actual evidence which shreds every word they have said.

Melania & Donald Trump (left), Natasha Stoynoff (right)

People Magazine sent reporter Natasha Stoynoff to do a story on Donald Trump twelve years ago. The story which was featured prominently in People shows pictures of the very pregnant Melania Trump, and Stoynoff’s article was a human interest piece which only said gracious things about the Trumps.

Just last week, Stoynoff came out accusing the Republican candidate of groping, grabbing and “sticking his tongue down my mouth.” Trump promised evidence would be coming out proving these women are liars, and Stoynoff’s claim just got a truth bomb dropped on it.

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Stoynoff wrote in People Magazine, “We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat.” She continued, “I was grateful when Trump’s longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as I tried to unpin myself. The butler informed us that Melania would be down momentarily, and it was time to resume the interview.”

Former longtime butler Anthony Senecal says Stoynoff is lying. “No, that never happened. Come on, that’s just bull crap,” reported Senecal to the Palm Beach Post.

As Trump pointed out Saturday at a rally in New Hampshire, why would this fame seeking journalist not report this back then? She talks about having her tape recorder on at all times, except when Trump allegedly attacks her and says inappropriate banter about having a future affair with her.

It would have made her famous and sold 10 million copies of People Magazine. No, instead she goes on with the interview and writes up a glowing piece, and like the butler said, that’s bull crap.

Another accuser, Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos, says Trump kissed her on the mouth, stripped naked, and attempted to seduce her when she met with him for professional advice in 2007.

Summer’s cousin John Barry says she is lying, and he offers the facts that Summer has only bragged to everyone at her Huntington Beach, California restaurant how she is a friend of Donald Trump and would tell patrons to vote for Trump. However, after Summer wanted Trump to visit her restaurant in April 2016, she got pissed off when he didn’t respond.

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Part of Barry’s statement says, “I am completely shocked and bewildered by my cousin, Summer Zervos, and her press conference today. Ever since she was on The Apprentice she has had nothing but glowing things to say about Mr. Trump. For almost a decade, my cousin would talk about how much she looked up to Mr. Trump and viewed him as an inspiration – a success story she wanted to copy.”

More telling was Barry’s interview on Judge Jeanine’s Fox News show last night. Barry related that his cousin would for years try to get back into the limelight, and she would drop Trump’s name all the time. She also has a history of unstable behavior and has sued others for sexual assault, but none of her claims have ever amounted to any criminal charges and she has never been awarded any money.

Attention whore Gloria Allred is taking Summer’s case. Allred is a Democratic delegate and famous liberal attorney who has disrupted past elections of Republican candidates. She also took the case of Meg Whitman’s illegal alien nanny when Whitman was running for Governor against Democrat Jerry Brown.

Democratic operative Attorney Gloria Allred & Meg Whitman’s illegal alien nanny Nicky Diaz in 2010 (left), Allred & Summer Zervos (right)

None of these stories ring true. Each is being debunked, but the game of the Clinton campaign is not to prove these allegations, the game is to distract voters from the real issues. Once the stories are out there, the liberal media picks them up and prints them as facts on the front pages.

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Let everyone know not only do these horrible women demean real victims of sexual assault like the victims of Bill Clinton, but anyone that has given any credence to accusations with no witnesses and no police reports in an obviously coordinated attack at Trump are big fools.

Anyone saying these reports need to be taken as truth until proven otherwise is a fool. These are non-stories that the media has elevated to headlines for one purpose, and that is to get Hillary Clinton elected. We in America have wised up to their games, and we won’t be fooled again.

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