‘It’s Trump’s Fault’: Crazy Sex Life Causes Liberal Teacher To Drive To Mexico For ‘Drug’

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President Donald Trump (left), Arianna Gonzalez (right)

Liberal teacher Ariana Gonzalez is not shy about her sex life. Apparently, it’s become so overwhelming that she needs to drive to Mexico to get a drug that she claims she can’t get in the United States. That sounds like an exotic drug that the CDC doesn’t issue here, but the funny thing is, she is also blaming President Trump for the trips she’ll need to make over the border.

The liberals nutjobs are freaking out over the end to Obamacare, so much so, they are conjuring up fake news stories to make Americans believe the insurance apocalypse is upon us all. One story that is so utterly ridiculous is that of Ariana Gonzalez, a liberal loon who teaches high school in El Centro, California, a city on the Mexican border.

According to CNN, who found Gonzalez, the fake news narrative is that poor Ariana’s sex life will end if Obamacare ends, that or she’ll be faced with driving over the border into Mexico to obtained birth control. They report that there is not that many doctors in El Centro, and then, Planned Parenthood moved in and saved Arianna’s sex life.

Now, Arianna could get birth control. But, according to the leftist rhetoric, the villain, Donald Trump, is now in charge, and they claim the Planned Parenthood clinic will be closed down. So, what about poor Arianna? Well, she claims she will be forced to drive to Mexico to get birth control, her sex life is that demanding. If this is starting to sound like bullcrap, you’re right.

CNN reports, “It’s not that the Gonzalezes don’t have insurance; they have very good insurance through Ariana’s job as a high school teacher. The problem is that ‘Trumpcare,’ as Ariana calls it, would probably run her health clinic out of town. It’s Planned Parenthood, which the Republican health care proposal defunds because it performs abortions.”

Here’s the real kicker in the CNN fake news story, they claim Arianna will be forced to take a whole day off work to see a doctor in El Centro, and this is just horrendous. That’s Obamacare for you, so thanks, CNN, for making the point it sucks. “If the Republican plan passes and Planned Parenthood leaves town, Ariana says, her best option would be to cross the border, where she can see a gynecologist immediately. It’s an option she doesn’t want to take but will if she has to,” reports CNN.

Am I missing something here? She has insurance, and her only reason for going to Planned Parenthood is it takes her only a few hours while going to her primary care physician involves a 3-4 hour wait, or so she claims. Driving to Mexico would take a couple hours too. Does anyone really see this woman as being in dire straits?

As Obamacare took over, waits for most doctors became hours. Has Ariana thought that once it’s gone, access to doctors may once again be easier? Instead of letting the liberals use her as propaganda and a very stupid sounding story, she might want to use that education of hers and think this through.

One thing I’ll never understand is the rabid feminist’s obsession with abortion. We all know Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion, not women’s healthcare. As for the rest of the article about Arianna’s problems getting in to see a doctor — yeah, that’s everyone in California. The answer isn’t more Planned Parenthoods. In Los Angeles County, the wait is weeks too, and this is Obamacare at work. All the liberal tears being spilled over Planned Parenthood’s defunding is ridiculous. They are an evil organization that killed 328,000 Americans in the womb in 2016. Is adding a little time onto a doctor’s visit really worth more to these leftists than that many innocent human lives?

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