SEE IT: Trump Spots Sign With 5 Words In Polish Crowd, Instantly Knows What To Do

A Polish citizen holds a sign for President Donald Trump with five words.

President Donald Trump landed in Poland on Wednesday night, marking the start of his second overseas trip in as many months. Ahead of the G20 Summit in Germany on Friday, the president spoke to a boisterous Polish crowd on Thursday, where he spotted a man holding a sign emblazoned with just five words. Upon seeing the Polish man’s message for him, President Trump instantly knew what to do.

According to NBC News, Trump’s trip got off to a momentous start on Wednesday, when he received a red carpet welcome upon touching down in Poland. On Thursday, when he spoke to throngs of Polish citizens disenfranchised with liberal politicians, he received an even more enthusiastic welcome, complete with a sign that said it all.

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By nearly all accounts, President Donald Trump represented true American leadership while visiting Poland.

From the gleeful reception he and First Lady Melania Trump received when landing in the country, to the thunderous applauded he received following his speech, Trump must have been overjoyed to see the support.

It seems there was something he especially appreciated, a sign that read, “Poland Loves Trump Big League.”

The President noticed the sign out in the crowd during his speech and shared the photo on his Instagram account. [Source: Sarah Palin]

Check it out:

Thank you #Poland!

A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

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Coincidentally, the American mainstream media has been trying steadfastly to downplay the support Trump has received in Poland, which shouldn’t surprise anyone at all. The left even began circulating an edited video which purported to show the president being snubbed by the Polish first lady. When watched in its entirety, though, the footage went on to show her offering the president a warm welcome.

The media loves to knock Trump for his use of social media, but he wouldn’t have to take to Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis if they would simply do their jobs and report the news without bias. If Trump didn’t tweet or share photos like the one above on Instagram, we might have no idea how much he is beloved by those from around the world. Indeed, it would be much easier for the media to keep us all in the dark if Trump had no social media accounts, but we’re so glad he does.

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