Pro-Trump Singer Wasn’t Done, Has Shocking Reveal After Death Threats

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Pro-Trump Celeb Wasn’t Done, LOOK What She Did After Death Threats Came In
Joy Villa (left & right) had a special surprise for outraged liberals (stock photo, center) after the death threats started rolling in.

Singer Joy Villa made national headlines after wearing a Donald Trump-themed dress to the Grammy Awards over the weekend. However, it seems that the now ultra-famous celebrity wasn’t exactly done there as she just one-upped her already incredible statement after the death threats started to roll in from the left – and it’s something you have to see to believe.

Mad World News reported yesterday on Villa after her stunning appearance enraged the left. Before long, threats of all kinds were rolling in from the entitled whiners, and they’ve shown no signs of stopping – but that’s not all that has happened.

Leaving sensitive liberals even more furious, reports indicate that Villa’s album sales exploded a whopping 18,106,633% almost immediately after her red carpet appearance as Trump supporters banded around the woman to show their support. Previously #543,202 on Amazon, her album reached the #3 spot.

Pro-Trump Celeb Wasn’t Done, LOOK What She Did After Death Threats Came In
Joy Villa’s album sales exploded by 18,106,633% after wearing the dress to the Grammys

It seems Villa’s success is only beginning as album sales continue to climb. As Daily Wire reports, when Villa woke up Monday morning, after attending the Grammys, her “‘Static’ album had soared to No. 1 — an increase of 54,350,100 percent! In fact, the top six entries on Amazon’s ‘movers and shakers’ were all works by Villa.”

However, she wasn’t exactly done there as the latest reports have left liberals absolutely seething. In fact, after the death threats started rolling in, well, there was only one thing left to do — anger her detractors all over again in the best way possible.

According to BizPac Review, Villa has since released the name of her designer — and who was responsible for the jaw-dropping dress is making liberal heads explode. As it turns out, the epic Trump dress was designed by Andre Soriano, a Filipino immigrant, an avid supporter of LGBT rights, and, of course, a Trump supporter.

Pro-Trump Celeb Wasn’t Done, LOOK What She Did After Death Threats Came In
Andre Soriano, the man who designed Villa’s Trump-themed dress who just so happens to be a Filipino immigrant and avid supporter of LGBT rights

It’s more so about love,” the designer told the Hollywood Reporter. “We all live on this planet. I’ve never been in the political arena. However, it’s just so crazy that people are getting beat up because they voted for Trump, or this and that, someone wants to bomb the White House. I am an American, I moved here from the Philippines, and I highly believed in the trueness of what this country can bring. It’s about bringing people together, that’s the message.

Sadly, the left has made a horrible habit of ignoring everything that contradicts their narrative including the fact that those they claim to fight for support the man they loathe. Fortunately, both Villa and Soriano wanted to make their stance on the matter perfectly clear.

“I heard that somebody wanted to bomb the White House. And then I saw the Women’s March. … Joy Villa is all about love with her music. I’m like, ‘Joy, We have to make a statement on what is right for our country, of what we believe in, for the Constitution,’” Soriano explained. Of course, with a black woman and immigrant of the United States making a powerful statement in order to expose the ignorance of the left, whining liberals have been left frustratingly speechless.

You see, that’s what we on the right are all about. We don’t throw temper tantrums, and we don’t burn our cities to the ground when we don’t get our way – we open dialogue and deliver hard-hitting points. Sadly, the left seems incapable of this notion and really doesn’t seem to care that it’s exactly this reality that lost them the election.

Simply put, you can’t silence half the nation. Demonizing hundreds of millions of Americans will only spark a revolution – thus Trump being elected. People are waking up to the idiocy of the left, and with total badasses like Villa and Soriano completely imploding their narrative, it won’t be long before everything they have to say will be considered irrelevant – just as it should be.