Trump Storms Out Of Meeting & Says ‘Bye-Bye,’ Nancy & Chuck Screw-Up Big Time

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Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer joined President Donald Trump along with a slew of Democrats and Republicans in a meeting to discuss the government shutdown yesterday afternoon. And it didn’t last very long, as Trump outmaneuvered the Democratic leaders. Laughing as he left, he looked at Nancy and Chuck and said, “Bye-bye.” Poor Pelosi and Schumer stood there looking like fools after they had screwed up big time. You’ll love this.

Nancy Pelosi (left), President Donald Trump (middle), Chuck Schumer (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images, CBS/Screenshot)

President Trump was in his element as he sat down to negotiate the government shutdown late yesterday afternoon. This was the “Art of the Deal” come to Washington, D.C., as the president faced off with Pelosi and Schumer. And quickly the Democrats learned they weren’t dealing with a politician, but a man who spent years making tough deals.

“Trump asked Nancy Pelosi if she would bring up a vote for border security within 30 days if he signed a bill to reopen the government,” reported Breitbart. And silly Nancy thought this was the president bluffing.

According to Trump, Pelosi said, “No.” And that’s when the president shocked the Democrats. “I said bye-bye, nothing else works!” Trump wrote. Vice President Mike Pence noted that Democrats remained unwilling to negotiate a deal with the president and confirmed Trump’s account of the meeting. “When she said no, the president said, ‘goodbye,’” Pence recalled.

Nancy was floored, and poor Chucky didn’t know what hit him. “It’s cold out here and the temperature wasn’t much warmer in the Situation Room,” Pelosi said with a shiver, speaking to reporters outside the White House. Crybaby Chucky also said that the president slammed the table in anger, a claim that Republicans disputed.

“The president walked into the room and passed out candy,” Vice President Mike Pence said. “I don’t ever recall him raising his voice or slamming his hand.”

Schumer also said he felt like Trump’s behavior was “unbecoming of the presidency.” Schumer is complaining like a little kid: the big bad president was mean to me.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy was in the meeting, and he weighed in on Pelosi and Schumer. “Their behavior is embarrassing to me,” McCarthy said, accusing them of lying about the nature of the meeting. He added that the media should bring their cameras into the next meetings so that everyone could see for themselves the nature of the conversations.

Here’s President Trump’s entire tweet: “Just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy, a total waste of time. I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier? Nancy said, NO. I said bye-bye, nothing else works!”

“The president is demanding $5.7 billion for a physical barrier on the southern border and millions more in humanitarian aid, while Democrats have offered just over $1 billion for ‘border security,’ which does not include a barrier.” the Daily Caller reported.

We all know if Trump re-opens the government without Pelosi publicly promising to within 30 days vote on border security including the wall, she will never do it. And Americans are on board supporting President Trump.

“To: @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer Building a WALL would stop the rape of 80% of illegal women and little girls trying to cross our border By not working with @realDonaldTrump because you want to win in 2020 you are causing these rapes,” tweeted “AppSame.”

Jeremy Garcia had a powerful message, tweeting, “I am a federal correctional worker currently affected by the shutdown. My family and I are with you. Please do not back down. Protect our country.” The president often mentions federal employees who reach out to him supporting the wall, and all Americans owe them our gratitude.

Replying to this insane lie that walls don’t work and are “medieval,” Twitter user “Craig G” posted, “How come prisons have walls and fences? It’s because they work. People can’t just stroll in and out. It’s called security. Good lord… It is not complicated. The wheel was invented a long time ago too, guess we should find a ‘modern’ solution for it too.”

Nancy and Chuck are way out of their league. As long as the Republicans stand firm, President Trump will not disappoint Americans. So many families have lost loved ones to illegal aliens. Then, you have 80% of the women and little girl migrants who are sexually abused as they travel with violent “coyotes” to get to the border.

It’s a crisis no matter what the politically motivated Democrats want to say. This isn’t about the border wall, it’s about the 2020 presidential election. Nancy and Chuck have been told the president will win re-election if the border wall is built. So, instead of providing the national security our country so desperately needs, they will sacrifice American lives to defeat Trump. That’s why we must tell everyone we know what is at stake. Stand with Trump and make America safe, again.

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