Every Trump Supporter Needs To See What This ‘Credit Card’ Actually Is… Now

Every Trump Supporter Needs To See What This ‘Credit Card’ Actually Is… Now
Violent Antifa members (left) unveiled a new secret weapon that looks like a credit card (right)

With altercations between supporters of President Donald Trump and leftist organizations like the so-called Anti-Fascists (Antifa) on the rise, it seems that new dangers present themselves daily. However, there’s a new “credit card” that liberals are carrying around these days – and every Trump supporter needs to see what it actually is before they find themselves seriously hurt.

Several videos have gone viral lately showing Antifa terrorists using a wide variety of weapons against Trump supporters. We’ve already seen them use sticks and flagpoles along with hurling heavy wine bottles and large rocks – but unfortunately, that’s not all.

Most recently, they advocated the use of explosives being thrown at Trump supporters, but things might have just gotten a bit more dangerous. As it turns out, Antifa terrorists have recently released a new weapon for sale, and it looks just like your average credit card.

The item is about 2 millimeters thick and folds out into a knife. Although it seems harmless at first glance, appearing to be just a credit card, the surgical grade steel that the blade is made of will cut someone just as bad as your ordinary knife.

Every Trump Supporter Needs To See What This ‘Credit Card’ Actually Is… Now
The “credit card” knife (Photo Source: The Gateway Pundit)

Making matters worse, the blade can be concealed and carried around in the wallets of every Antifa member, ready to be whipped out when the time is right. Sadly, the only people likely to be found on the receiving end of the new secret weapons is, you guessed it, Trump supporters.

As most of the country is aware, Antifa is nothing more than a fad movement consisting of entitled brats brainwashed by the liberal left. Hating things like capitalism and most things American, they’ve made it perfectly clear that their message is primarily violence driven.

After they recently lost some ground when fed-up Trump supporters grew sick of their crap and actually started fighting back in Berkely, California, the whining punks are ready to go to war – literally. With the addition of the new hidden weapon in their arsenal, one can only imagine how long before someone sticks another human being on account of their violent and ignorant ideology.

According to reports, the website responsible for selling the product has taken them down, but since the Internet immortalizes things forever, there are plenty of pictures proving that it was available for sale. At this point, one can only wonder what will happen if someone is stabbed by one of these knives.

Will the website who sold it be held responsible for advocating such violent ideals and tactics like the left so desperately wants to do to gun manufacturers? How about Democrats who essentially came up with the “#resist” slogan and enabled for such an entitled movement to grow? Currently, the left has yet to condemn the actions of Antifa, despite the countless acts of violence on innocent, peaceful protesters.

The fact of the matter here is that Antifa needs to be dealt with accordingly. Enacting violence doesn’t fall under “free speech,” and everyone responsible for acting in such a way needs to be held accountable. Unfortunately for them, it seems that people are fed up with them getting away with as much as they have.

That’s exactly why we’re seeing Trump supporters defending themselves by fighting back, and it’s exactly why we’ll likely see more Antifa buffoons getting their butts kicked every time they show their faces. Just like the old saying goes – don’t write a check you can’t cash. Even better yet, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, unless you like leaving an event bloodied and significantly injured when your intended victim fights back. These punks need to be careful what they wish for.

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