Would You Date A Trump Supporter Or A Felon? Millennials Have Shocking Answers

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Two reporters recently approached random millennials to ask if they would rather date someone who supports President Donald Trump or a convicted felon. Some of these responses will definitely shock you.

President Donald Trump (left), Female respondent (middle), Inmate (right) (Photo Credits: The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images, YouTube/Daily Caller, Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s been said that liberalism is like a disease that corrodes people’s minds. Some of the people who spoke with Daily Caller reporters Justin Caruso and Amber Athey provide good proof that America’s public education system has rotted out more than a few minds.

Just after the two reporters identified themselves in the clip, they began canvassing random strangers to ask one all-important question. “Who would you rather date; A Trump supporter or a convicted felon?” The first woman they asked quickly responded that she would rather date a convicted felon. Shockingly, the second and third women they asked also said they would rather date a convicted felon than a Trump supporter.

Don’t these people realize that a Trump supporter would be in favor of tax cuts and more jobs which they are likely going to need in the near future after they finish their useless liberal degrees? It’s just plain sad to see so many people quickly jump on the Trump-hate train and act as if the President’s supporters are outcasts.

The first guy the reporters asked also said that he would rather date a convicted felon. Seriously, where do they get these people? One other woman elaborated on her opinion a little. “Well I would never date a Trump supporter and I may date a convicted felon,” she said. Oddly enough, the next woman who was wearing dark sunglasses casually replied she would also date a convicted felon.

I’m not sure the millennials in the video represent the majority of millennials, but they certainly are making their local population of young people look rather ignorant. After asking one other woman who said she would rather date a convicted felon, the reporter finally met one woman who said they would rather date a Trump supporter.

It seemed that the further the reporters dug to find more millennials to question, the more people they found who said they would rather date a Trump supporter. When Caruso asked one woman what her reason would be for choosing to date a Trump supporter, she said, “Not as scary as a convicted felon, I don’t know.”

After that, the clip continues to show three male respondents consecutively say that they would date a Trump supporter. This was a breath of fresh air after all of the sour faces that first appeared in the video. “I’d rather be single, man. I can’t do either. I can’t. I can’t, man. Nah, I’d rather be single at that point,” said one man.

When Amber Athey re-positioned the question for one of the previous women, she ended up with a little bit of a different answer. “I think I probably have accidentally, but it didn’t last long,” she said.

It’s ridiculous that the public school system and mainstream media have brainwashed so many young people, and in all seriousness, it’s a little scary. What kind of leaders will these millennials choose to lead our country after the previous generations are out of the voting demographic or gone? That is a scary thought.

The first woman interviewed in the video reappeared to lay down some profound wisdom as to why she would date a convicted felon instead of a Trump supporter. “Most people in jail are on Trumped charges, no pun intended,” the woman said as she chuckled.

Another man firmly answered that he would date a Trump supporter because it was better than dating a convicted felon. Trump supporters are typically conservatives who believe in the rights given to us in the United States Constitution. There’s really just no explaining why some of these millennials are downright dumb and should take some time to realize what a tremendous gift they have been given in the way of our President. Perhaps one day they will see that Trump was indeed one of the best men ever to be elected to the Oval Office.

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