Trump Looks Over During His Tax Reform Meeting, Stunned When He Sees What’s Next To Him

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President Donald Trump, along with the GOP, is working to implement a tax plan that changes the lives of every hard-working American. However, in order to do this, there are many different hurdles that they need to overcome to ensure it has the best chance to become reality. During their most recent tax reform meeting, Trump was seen glancing over to his side and was left visibly stunned when he saw what was right next to him.

Trump Looks Over During His Tax Reform Meeting, Stunned When He Sees What's Next To Him
President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

President Trump held a meeting with his advisors and administration members to discuss the new upcoming tax plan. They have been working tirelessly to get it just right, so they can assure every American that the new tax plan will undoubtedly change their lives for the better. However, something that could easily “make or break” his tax plan was right next to him, and when he glanced up and spotted it, he appeared to be stunned.

The meeting began with Trump, being a gentleman and thanking everyone in the room, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Congressman Kevin McCarthy for their hard work with helping to put this momentous tax bill together. Of course, he also reminded everyone in the room that he and Melania would soon be departing for their 11-day trip to Asia, while his advisors stayed in the country to tour and educate people on the benefits of their new tax plan.

President Donald Trump briefly ran through the main points of his tax plan, but as he was discussing the fact that the plan should allow most Americans to file their taxes on one simple piece of paper, he was interrupted. In fact, when he glanced up, he appeared to be stunned by what he saw next to him — the actual card on which Americans will do their taxes after his bill is passed.

Kevin Brady of the House Ways and Means Committee had planned to surprise President Donald Trump during the meeting. He interrupted him to show him the card, knowing full well he’d be delighted. However, Trump was more than delighted — he was ecstatic.

Trump immediately stated, “WOW! Great job! Thank you very much! I didn’t know I was going to be given a prop.” As everyone laughed, Trump surprises everyone in return by kissing the tax cards — obviously impressed with what he was holding in his hand.

According to Washington Examiner, “The postcard would offer some taxpayers a simplified filing option — a single-page tax return form that has been touted by Republicans since they began working on tax reform under the new administration.”

Clearly, Trump understands the burden the current tax process has placed on every American. He hopes that he will have “big, beautiful” tax cuts by Christmas. Could you imagine? In less than a year, while being battered and harassed by the left, Trump still manages to not only make more progress than his predecessor did in eight years, but he fixes the one thing that infuriates many Americans the most every year — filing taxes. Without a doubt, this man was meant to be our President.