Trump Finds BOOBY TRAP Obama Left In White House, Takes IMMEDIATE Action

Barack Obama left a nasty surprise behind for Donald Trump when he was forced to vacate the White House last month.

Barack Obama never thought that he would be succeeded by Donald Trump as president before Trump won the 2016 election in a historic victory that took both the establishment and mainstream media by complete surprise. Upon learning that his worst nightmare had actually come true, Obama left behind several hidden “booby traps” before he was forced to vacate the White House in an attempt to trip Trump up.

Since Trump’s inauguration, his administration has been plagued by a leak-driven media campaign with the aim of undermining his national security apparatus. Now, multiple senior White House officials and insiders close to the Trump presidency have spoken out to reveal that the sources of the leaks are Obama loyalists who were left behind by the previous administration.

The latest target of leaks by Obama administration holdovers is Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a longtime national security expert who has recently become the subject of stories painting him as a bigot. The media witch hunt is similar to the one which took down Trump’s former national security advisor, retired General Michael Flynn. Much the same way Flynn was well-respected within the administration before media leaks forced his resignation, senior White House officials say Gorka is well-liked and respected by Trump’s innermost circle.

Longtime national security expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka. (Source: WND)

“Those who are brought in [to the White House], whether they’re detailed or direct hires, but who are there because they support Trump and the Trump agenda, those people like him,” a senior White House official told the Washington Free Beacon, adding that the attacks on Gorka were from Obama holdovers who would “have a problem with anybody who departs from their worldview. Seb is just a lightning rod.”

“They just don’t like anyone else in the White House weighing in on foreign policy,” the official added. “The unhinged attacks on Seb Gorka are shameful but unsurprising, as they’re coming from the architects of and cheerleaders for nearly a decade of failed Obama counter-terror policy.”

Barack Obama and those loyal to him are vindictive traitors who care more about a political agenda than the security and success of our federal government. Obama is desperately trying to maintain control, even though his term has ended. President Donald Trump would do well to oust any and all Obama holdovers from the White House at this point.

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