Users Shocked By Trump’s Twitter, 1 CHILLING Thing Seen Below Every Tweet

Users Shocked By Trump’s Twitter, 1 CHILLING Thing Seen Below Every Tweet
President Donald Trump’s Twitter account has one alarming thing beneath each tweet.

Liberals hate President Donald Trump and his use of Twitter to get his message directly to the people, but he isn’t slowing down. However, it seems that social media users have been shocked by Trump’s account recently – and it all boils down to the single chilling thing seen beneath every one of his tweets.

If you don’t like Donald Trump, chances are that you’ll hate his social media habits, but if you are a Trump supporter, you likely enjoy the direct line the leader of the country gives every American, directly speaking to them himself. Unfortunately, it seems that there may be darker forces at work here, and it has quite a few people concerned.

Twitter announced earlier this month that it would be “collapsing” tweets deemed “low quality.” Of course, seeing how that’s rather vague in terms of what they meant, several people seem worried that they may take a little too much liberty when it comes to what they interpret as unimportant.

According to Twitter, the purpose is to bury those “irrelevant” tweets “so the most relevant conversations are brought forward.” However, it seems that their efforts are already having an effect, and as we’ve come to expect from liberal social media sites, they seem to be out to promote a more left-leaning message than anything else.

As numerous Trump supporters have noticed, this has had the impact of pushing negative replies to the top of the thread after every tweet sent out by Trump, ensuring the entire conversation is dominated by anti-Trump zealots. [Source: Infowars]

In short, Trump supporters are being booted down the list while negative, anti-Trump comments are being given priority, meaning that’s all you see underneath his tweets. Now, because of a few Internet sleuths, such as Mike Keen, we actually have proof.

As he explains, his experiment started out great, with plenty of likes and comments coming in for the first few days – but then, things got weird. All of a sudden, if his response to an anti-Trump comment started to outpace the Trump bashing, the initial comment was deleted, taking Keen’s with it.  Unfortunately, things got worse from there as he claims it seems that Twitter actually began targeting him personally:

The above reply received 27 favorites within seconds of being posted, and then all activity on it stopped. When I click on it, I see that it is not part of any thread. When people view President Trump’s original tweet, mine will not be visible, no matter how far they scroll down. [Source: Medium]

Just like that, it was as if someone put the brakes on his tweet responses, thereby restricting others from seeing it or even giving it the chance to rise to the top. Before long, the comments section under every single one of Trump’s tweets looked like a giant bashing party like this one:

Users Shocked By Trump’s Twitter, 1 CHILLING Thing Seen Below Every Tweet
(Source: Infowars)

Or this:

Users Shocked By Trump’s Twitter, 1 CHILLING Thing Seen Below Every Tweet
(Source: Infowars)

We already know that Facebook is censoring right-leaning news to progress the liberal agenda, but now, the second largest social media network is following suit. The fact of the matter here is, just like Trump said during his campaign, the system is rigged – and it always has been.

Perhaps it’s time for conservatives to show these social media giants what we really think, moving over to a free speech supporting site like Gab. Only when their user base and profits dwindle will Facebook and Twitter realize the error of their ways.

The First Amendment was put in place to ensure that we, as a people, never have our thoughts, beliefs, or opinions censored for any reason. Unfortunately, the so-called “progressive” portion of society is doing just that as they infringe on the rights of all Americans. However, if the right has shown anything, it’s that we know how to put a hurt on a company for doing something questionable. Do I smell another boycott coming?

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