Liberals Freak Out After Learning What Trump Put Under Hillary’s Portrait

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Portraits of former presidents and their wives hang throughout the White House, and one prominent picture is that of Donald Trump’s 2016 challenger, Hillary Clinton. While Trump can’t take down old crooked Hillary’s portrait, he can display whatever he wants near it, and when liberals saw what was found right below their failed candidate’s picture, they were totally freaking out, breaking the internet. You’re going to love this.

All the fun began when President Trump had some guests to the White House that their mere presence already had the leftists cringing. In a move that already had the liberal tears flowing, Trump welcomed Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Sarah Palin to the White House, but it gets even better.

In fact, what happened during their visit is creating quite a stir. The snowflakes had to run to their safe spaces after the threesome, who supported Trump during his candidacy, took the opportunity to pose for a pic right under crooked Hillary’s portrait.

It was some great payback for Nugent, Kid Rock, and Palin after the long months of defending Trump, many times to their own detriment, especially for Ted Nugent and Kid Rock who are rockers and in the celebrity limelight. Their support cost them fans, no doubt, but they’d do it all again.

Of course, the sight is the stuff memes are made of and social media wasted no time taking note.

As liberal heads began exploding, the left-leaning website Daily Kos posted a whiny article claiming Nugent, Kid Rock, and Palin are all racists, of course. They especially hated Ted Nugent’s Facebook post, which one snowflake turned into a tweet. “Uncle Ted’s” language is causing their meltdown, and we think it’s pretty great.

So pissed off are the liberals over the visit that the Daily Kos article spewed a Media Matters list of all the mean things Ted Nugent has said. Who knows if it’s accurate, but it goes to show how these nutjobs can’t stand anyone calling them on their crap. Then, you have the whiners who are complaining on Twitter, and Trump fans are answering them back.

Fox News put the picture and visit this way: “To paraphrase a famous magazine cover: Break the Internet, President Trump. In a gathering of perhaps the most famous conservative personalities and entertainers in the country, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and musicians Kid Rock and Ted Nugent dined at the White House with Trump on Wednesday night.”

Nugent, an avid hunter and advocate of the Second Amendment, expanded on the encounter in a blog post for Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine.

“We discussed specifically the counterproductive follies of the Endangered Species Act and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the US Fish & Wildlife Service, [Bureau of Land Management] and other out of control bureaucracies.”

Who wouldn’t have loved to be a fly on the wall when Hillary saw the picture of Nugent, Kid Rock, and Palin? She sure is having a couple of bad days. Yesterday, a tell-all book came out and spilled the beans about her entire campaign meltdown, and it came from insiders. Now, her portrait is being used in an awesome payback picture. That can’t feel too good.

But, she’ll get no sympathy from Trump fans who have had to endure the worst possible coverage by the mainstream media. If the liberal snowflakes can’t take a simple picture without melting down, it’s a good thing they didn’t win the White House. With all the crazy bastards in the world threatening our peace, thank God the only time anyone will see Hillary is in a portrait at the White House, and it’s President Trump residing at 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue and taking care of business.

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