Trump Uses Michelle’s Advice In SHOCKING Response To Her ‘No Hope’ Remarks

After Michelle Obama recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey and said Americans are hopeless after Donald Trump’s election, many anxiously waited for the president-elect’s response, with some hoping that he’d let her have it in true Donald fashion. Instead, Trump surprisingly used Michelle’s advice when he finally hit back at the outgoing First Lady. However, his response didn’t disappoint and was nothing short of shocking.

Michelle Obama (left), Donald Trump (right)

While speaking at a “Thank You” rally Saturday in Mobile, Alabama, Trump took on Michelle’s “no hope” assessment of his upcoming presidency and set the record straight, but what he said was not something many expected at all. In a smooth and obviously presidential move, he decided to show her what it looks like when her own advice is applied.

When they go low, we go high,” Michelle Obama claimed as her motto, which was later used by Hillary Clinton during the presidential race. However, it was Trump that showed everyone exactly how it’s done this weekend. Watch:

In Michelle’s interview set to air on Monday, the first lady told Oprah Winfrey, “Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like, you know?” but Trump had an interesting take on her remarks, which he explained to the crowd at his rally.

“Michelle Obama said yesterday that there’s no hope,” he said. “But I assume she was talking about the past, not the future, ’cause I’m telling you, we have tremendous hope. And tremendous promise.

Trump went on to show that despite what his many critics say, he can pivot to a more presidential posture when he spoke in defense of Obama’s remark, saying he believes her words came out differently than she intended.

“I actually think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out. I really do,” he explained. “Because I met with President Obama and Michelle Obama in the White House, my wife was there — she could not have been nicer. I honestly believe she meant that statement in a different way than it came out.” [Source: BizPac Review]

While some might criticize Trump for seeming to defend Michelle’s remarks, what he displayed is grace, and it should be applauded. He masterfully turned her own words around, pointing them right back to her, letting her be the one who behaved without class and has to answer for her words and actions.

Her final remarks as she exits the White House were not only classless, they were also a true reflection of her goals for our country. I’m sure all hope is lost for her and her husband’s socialist agenda that President Obama tried to force on the American people. Now, her remarks are what we are left with and will remember because of the way Trump responded. There’s little doubt, Michelle likely hoped to get a rise out of Trump and that he’d say something that would make her comments easily forgotten.

It didn’t pan out that way because Trump took the high road. Now, Michelle’s legacy is that of the bitter, backbiting, divider since, just like her husband has done for the last 8 years, she chose to use her final interview to pander to the “hopeless” and further divide rather than unite our nation. Such is the Obama legacy, and it’s the reason so many are counting down the days until our White House is graced by a First Family that shows some class and actually does give us hope.

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