Trump Laughs As Valerie Jarrett Steals Credit For Obama With Pathetic New Claim

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President Donald Trump is laughing his head off after former presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett steals credit for former President Barack Obama with a pathetic new claim. How does anyone take her seriously?

Valerie Jarrett (left), President Donald Trump (middle), Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images, Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

Liberals love to take credit for the hard work others have done, and today, former presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett reminds us of how true that is. After President Donald Trump took office and rolled up his sleeves to make America great again, we knew he would get results, and he has done a wonderful job with tax cuts, the military defense budget, welfare reform, the Supreme Court vacancy, and many other important things.

Jarrett, who gave an interview to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Friday, May 4, 2018, is now claiming that former President Barack Obama is to thank for the unemployment numbers, according to Daily Caller.

The ultra-liberal hag went on television to claim that Obama is the guy we should all be thanking right now for the increased number of jobs in America. How do liberals expect to be taken seriously when they let a hack like Jarrett speak for them?

“The breaking news that we just had moments ago were the new job numbers, the lowest in anybody’s memory, 3.9 percent unemployment rate,” Alisyn Camerota said. “It’s been 15 months of Donald Trump’s presidency. Do you give him credit for that?” she asked Jarrett.

Jarrett, who appeared to have her creative juices flowing, was ready with what really amounts to a practiced tall tale. “Look, I think we have to look at it over a longer horizon than that. If you think about what the economy was like when President Obama took office – we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. And, under his watch, the unemployment rate dropped in half, and it’s encouraging to see that we’re continuing to make progress,” Jarret exclaimed.

The lack of integrity in some people is incomprehensible. Jarrett knows deep down in her America-hating heart that Obama drove businesses out of the country or just out of business with his horrific over-regulatory practices. But, Jarrett wasn’t done quite yet. “We want to see wages go up, and I think that’s an important focus, and I was glad to see you talk about that too,” she added. “So, for the workers out there who are back to work today, I think it’s very encouraging.”

I don’t buy Valerie Jarrett’s act for even a second. She and the rest of Obama’s henchmen worked tirelessly to diminish the United States in all aspects. They took pride in seeing our nation go backward, and I strongly believe that their only disappointments or regrets revolve around not doing more damage and failing to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.

It’s been approximately a year and a half since Trump got to work on the job we hired him to do. I’d say our votes paid off exponentially and will continue to do so as long as Trump is in office. As the left continues to attack him over petty stuff like the Stormy Daniels drama, they are forgetting that American patriots didn’t hire Trump because he was a boy scout. We hired him because he knows how to get crap done.

The President also spoke about the unemployment report in a post on Twitter this morning. “JUST OUT: 3.9% Unemployment. 4% is Broken! In the meantime, WITCH HUNT!” Trump wrote in regard to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation.

It’s amusing to watch people like Valerie Jarrett try to peddle their propaganda because it must eat her up inside to see Americans doing better. To my point, Democrats thrive whenever people are doing bad for one specific reason — government dependency. If our lives suck, liberals have no problem creating more government programs to fix it. This has been their tactic for decades. Thank God, President Donald Trump came along to help us out.

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