Thug Defaces Trump’s Walk of Fame Star With Swastikas

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Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame seems to attract much hate from liberals. On several occasions, leftists have tried to destroy it. They’ve always failed. This weekend, yet another Democrat tried to deface the star with swastikas. It didn’t end well for him.

Donald Trump’s star has faced repeated attempts at defacing since he became president. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Danlev/Wikimedia Commons)

Why are Democrats so obsessed with Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame? The piece of sidewalk was installed years before the man became president. It represents his success on the hit TV show The Apprentice. It has nothing to do with his role as Leader of the Free World. Nor does it change the influence he is having on America.

But we shouldn’t be surprised they hate it. When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, millions of liberals had a collective meltdown. I lost count of all the idiotic clips I’ve seen of liberals screaming, crying, and generally freaking out when they learned Trump would become the next president.

Even after two years, there is a segment of our society that refuses to admit Trump is president. They are called the media. Also, many left-wing Americans — who would rather have a communist in the White House — still hate the sight of our Command in Chief.

In fact, even his star on the Walk of Fame is a painful reminder that Trump is making America great again.

Twice over the last two years, morons tried to destroy it with pickaxes. The great irony is that, while they were forced to pay fines and suffer jail time, the city had to spend money restoring Trump’s name to the famous sidewalk.

It’s symbolically appropriate, in a way. Liberals do everything in their power — even criminal acts — to stop Trump. But in the end, they only help him.

Over the Christmas weekend, yet another idiot tried to damage Trump’s star. This time, instead of a pickaxe, this genius used spray paint. He covered the star with Nazi swastikas. How original.

But this dummy didn’t count on eye-witnesses ratting him out. Now, he’s facing the music.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Mike Lopez said Jose Ortega, 29, was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism after the president’s star was spray-painted with swastikas.

According to Lopez, an unnamed witness spotted Ortega tagging the star on Sunday afternoon and immediately notified police. Authorities found Ortega at the 6500 block of Hollywood Boulevard, where he was taken into custody. Shortly after, the spray-paint was removed from the star. Los Angeles County jail records show the suspect is being held on bail of at least $20, 000, the Los Angeles Times reports. [Source: Breitbart]

At least the other vandals had enough upper body strength to smash up the star, forcing the city to spend cash to replace it.

This bum couldn’t even lift a pickaxe! He had to use spray paint, which was quickly washed away. Seems like the left’s tactics are getting weaker and weaker. I’m not surprised.

Over the last two years, we’ve seen Donald Trump make good on one promise after another. Our Armed Forces have the funding to grow. The economy is roaring to life with new jobs, higher salaries, lower taxes, and fewer regulations. New trade deals will mean a decade or more of prosperity. We are now the world’s largest producer of oil. Terrible Obama-era policies have been eradicated.

(That’s not to mention the major wins in judicial appointments).

With each passing month, the Democrats’ dream of a Socialist America fades. Even with their slim majority in the House next year, they have a snowball’s chance in Hell of pushing their agenda. Trump continues to make progress, despite their petty attacks.

Even their vandals can’t get the job done.

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